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Manjoon 🐥😍:
uh, hey...

Cutie Seokjin 💕:

Manjoon 🐥😍:
uh so about last night

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
it's okay.
you don't have to say anything.

Manjoon 🐥😍:
are you sure?
you never use full stops...
are you mad at me?

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
no namjoon.
it's just,
it's nothing.
just leave it.

Manjoon 🐥😍:
please speak to me
tell me what's wrong
youre worrying me...

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
oh yeah?
well how about this, namjoon?
you knew from the beginning that I had a different connection for you than for anyone else but you chose to ignore that.
you knew that I liked you but you chose to ignore that.
you knew I was hurting but you chose to ignore that.
you kissed me.
you thought it was okay to kiss me when you didn't even like me the way I liked you.
who do you think I am?
you just randomly want to transform me into another one of your one-night stands and then push me away and make me feel gross? is that what is was?
because, kim namjoon, I do not understand why the fuck you chose to play with me like this.
I'm not your fucking hit it and quit it.
so don't hit me with that bullshit that you like me when clearly "liking someone" is not in the book of kim namjoon.
and that's the fucking end of it.

Manjoon 🐥😍:
Seokjin please.
I'm sorry, okay.
I know I fucked up beyond with you. I know I hurt you
but please believe me when I say that I like you.
I do.
I won't just lie to you like this.
Seokjin, ever since I met you, I thought it wasn't going to last. I thought you'd just fade away if I push you away enough. but then, I started feeling some shit and I got scared. I'm still not comfortable with my sexuality so I got really scared. I wanted to hit it and quit it with you, I admit, but only because I didn't want to feel this way anymore. I didn't want to like you, and I couldn't think of anything else other than hurting you the way I did to all the other guys I've slept with. I know I'm selfish, but I can't get over it.
Seokjin. I like you. I really do.
but I understand, you have a boyfriend and I missed my chance.
but please, I don't want to let you go.

Cutie Seokjin 💕:
you don't have to let me go, but I'm letting you go.
bye, kim namjoon.

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Minho entered Seokjin's bedroom with a packet of microwaved popcorn, humming a random tune. His eyes landed on his boyfriend, shaking, sniffing and crying on the bed, phone in his hand.

"Baby?" he called, Seokjin's head snapping up in surprise at Minho's presence. The taller sat down next to the brunette, interlocking their fingers. "What's wrong?"

Seokjin inhaled a shaky breath. "N-nothing. J-just watched a v-video about E-exo breaking u-up," he lied, the lie coming off smoothly due to his racketing chest and stuttering voice.

Minho chuckled and pulled the younger into a warm embrace. "I told you to stop watching those. It breaks my heart seeing you like this. You worry me for nothing," he joked, rubbing soothing circles on the brunette's broad back.

I'm so sorry, Namjoon.


holy moly I'm angsty today!

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