Chapter 13 (1/2)

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A while after Nikki, Neil and (Y/N) left the mess hall, I patiently waited for David to come out of the pantry, so I could get my plan in motion. It's usually easy to do, since David is constantly trying to get Space Kid off the ceiling fan and/or trying not to get stabbed in the hand for a third time by Nurf. Gwen doesn't give a shit as usual, so I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about her.

Literally all she does is watch those weird trash TV shows and write weird fanfics about,,, her fucking a fish with a human body... I never thought I would say that. Ever.

How to traumatize yourself 101 Max edition:
Go through Gwen's personal collection of fanfic books by fucking accident, thinking they were weird diaries with cringy secrets worthy of blackmail.


Since David was taking fucking years to come out of the pantry, I decided to improvise. I stood up, grabbed the pudding cup from the table, hid it inside my hoodie and left the mess hall. Outside, I grabbed a rock and threw it straight onto the window, shattering it. I then rushed over to a nearby bush and hid in it.

What? It'll magically get fixed or something, given the fact that it literally happened in like season one with the camp revolution when Space Kid blew up a wall of the mess hall, and when the Quartermaster burned the mess hall down to ashes to kill his Quartersister— (ok ok i'll stop now)

And as soon as the glass shattered, the one and only David finally decided to appear outside, giving me the chance to sneak past him and go into the mess hall. Upon entering, I noticed everyone to be paying attention to the rock that just flew in randomly and knocked someone unconscious.

'Time for my plan.' I smirked.

I silently made my way over to the pantry, closing the door behind me. I grabbed two spoons and a spare pudding cup, shoving them all inside my hoodie.

"Now what I have to do is hope that everyone is still paying attention to other stuff so I can get past them..." I muttered to myself.

I opened the door slowly and peeked outside. Nobody seemed to be close. I quietly stepped out, trying to walk past everyone casually.

I had finally reached the mess hall doors once again, surprisingly. I was about to step out when suddenly...  David entered.

'Shit, if he finds out about this, I'm screwed.'

"Oh, hey there Max!" David smiled. He ruffled my hair with his hand, which I swatted away in annoyance.

"Is everything oka—"

"Yup, everything's fine. Bye!" I cut him off, pushing him to the side and walking past him as fast I could.

I had made it to my tent, surprisingly. The place was quiet, given the fact that everyone is still in the mess hall trying to figure out who or what threw the rock onto someone's face. Of course, apart from Nikki and Neil, who I reckon are hiding in their tent in fear, hoping (Y/N) doesn't skin them alive, that is. Eh, if they ask me about it, I'll blame it on that squirrel with the eyepatch.

I reached over to open the tent, but froze. I shook the nervous feeling off, stepping inside.

"Hey, uh... I brought something." I said awkwardly.

"Huh? Oh, hey, Max..." (Y/N) stood up, he seemed to have been going through some stuff in his duffel bag.

Both Max and (Y/N):

'This is fucking awkward...'



Okay, so this chapter is a bit shorter than the rest, I know. Don't worry though, I'm not losing interest in the book! I decided to divide this chapter in two parts so... I will try to finish and publish the next part as fast as I can! Bai bai for now— Btw, sorry for taking so long. ;w;

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