ii. surprise surprise

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CHAPTER TWO. - ii. surprise surprise

jeongguk was frozen his doe eyes widened from beneath his lids in surprise as he felt the stranger pull away. his eyes were still closed as he brought out his pink tongue hesitantly and licked his lips. he was quiet for a minute, sure the stranger hadn't said left. but then, he opened his eyes. 

his deep chocolate brown eyes were staring directly into the stranger's, who he then recognized to be v's. it was like his heart was in his ears, beating so loudly and taking over the sense. he wanted to reach out and run his hand along his strong cheek bones, to see if his skin was as soft as it looked. 

there were many things he wanted to do, things that he was sure he couldn't. and as he pondered over those thoughts, he was interrupted.

"you know bun, most people would've spoken by now." deep was the first thing to have come to mind. deep, dark, and husky. his voice felt like silk running over his body, so after he heard the works his breath hitched. 

"s-so deep, y-your voice." he was confused as v chuckled, "wh-what's so funny?" 

v's lips quirked a bit as he looked at jeongguk, "you're just so cute baby, i couldn't help but laugh." 

"m'not that funny." the brunette awkwardly looked away, his hand rubbing awkwardly up and down his arm. 

"oh, bun-" v breathed out, his voice gaining that deep husky feel back as he spoke before pressing his lips back against jeongguk's. this time though the younger kissed back, but only a little. he never had ever kissed anyone, nonetheless in front of huge crowd. 

he felt as if he couldn't breathe, suffocated by the male in front of him. but he pulled away when a tap was placed on his shoulder. 

"who's the boy, v?" jeongguk looked up from behind him to see the dirty blonde from earlier. now that he had gotten a better look at him, the boy realized he had looked just like v. he wasn't sure if he was seeing things or not. 

"our new toy, taehyung-" 

"t-toy?" jeongguk interrupted the grey haired male, his voice still a little breathy from the kiss he and the latter had shared a few minutes back. 

quickly, he felt something or someone grab his chin. his head was jerked back, leaving his neck bending at an uncomfortable angle. as he looked up, he was met with the dirty blonde's blue cerulean eyes. 

"don't interrupt us when we're speaking, pup." taehyung hissed, already annoyed by the brunette, "now v, why didn't you tell me earlier about wanting him to be ours?" 

"because he just got here, i didn't know about him until he stepped foot into our isolated photography class." the male shrugged, resting his chin in the palm of his hand. 

"you do know i examine our candidates before we take them on-" 


taehyung squeezed jeongguk's chin harshly, glaring down at him once again, "you don't know when to shut up do you? maybe i should fill this pretty little mouth of yours with my cock? you might even learn to keep quiet." he said tauntingly. 

jeongguk gulped quietly, his hair getting messed up as he tried to move his head. neck straining from being bent backwards. 

"that's what i thought." taehyung snarled before he let go of jeongguk's chin, the younger's head falling forward after being restrained.

"i'll have him back this afternoon, do whatever you want until then." 

v nodded, getting up and walking in the opposite direction leaving the brunette alone with his bitch of a "brother". 

jeongguk's fists were balled up against taehyung's bare chest, crocodile tears pooling at the corners of his eyes. his hair bouncing and mouth open as he let out silent moans and squeaks every now and then. 

taehyung's hands were glued to his hips, holding them tightly as he moved the boy up and down his length, "you feel so fucking good around me, pup. v was right when he said you were the right choice." the blonde groaned when he felt jeongguk clench around him for the umpteenth time. 

he couldn't say a word as tears fell down his face from the constant pressure on his prostate, the pleasure too immense, consuming him as he shoved his face into the crook of taehyung's neck. his moans turning into sobs as he un-balled his fist, raking his nails as far as he could down the latter's back. 

"pl-please." jeongguk didn't even know what he was asking for, but with every time he begged taehyung would deliver something he didn't even know he wanted. 

"tell me what you want." the male panted, his words almost lost in the translation from how hard he was going. 

"i-i don't kn-know, j-just pl-please taehyung!" the smaller frustratingly sobbed into his neck, wanting more heat and friction, wanting the knot in his stomach to just disappear already. 

"look at me while you come, baby. i wanna see what i'm doing to you." again there was that familiar husky feeling, it added some type of sinful dimension to the words. 

jeongguk looked him dead in the eye nonetheless, wanting nothing more than to become overtaken by bliss.

and with every thrust, he could feel himself coming a loose. his cock stood red and hard against his stomach, tip overflowing with precum. he wanted nothing more than to touch himself, but the man before him didn't allow such a thing. 

"i-i'm gonna come, i-i can feel it, pl-please i-i need to." jeongguk whined as he reached down to touch his erection only to have his hand harshly snatched away. now painfully restrained in his tight grip. 

"what did i say, pup?" his voice was angry and harsh, and with each word he spoke he aggressively fucked himself into the younger, delivering a corresponding thrust between every word, "i'm. the. only. one. who'll. make. you. come." 

"y-you're the only o-one." jeongguk repeated, head falling back as he moaned out. 

"that's it, baby. now come for me, yeah?" 

and with that jeongguk spilled his load onto not only taehyung's but his stomach a well. cock twitching with each spurt that escaped him. the sight of this was enough to make the latter come, teeth gritted as he began thrusting even faster. his hips raising from off the driver's seat as he moved them. 

exhaustively he let them fall back into the seat, breathing heavily, watching as the cum inside of jeongguk's ass dripped out slowly. he playfully delivered another thrust, watching as the oversensitive boy whined. 

"maybe-, i should fuck you like this. all oversensitive and your nerves on end. you think you can handle it, pup?" 

"n-no, n-no more." jeongguk pleaded as he rested his head against taehyung's chest. 

both were interrupted when a knock on the car window rung throughout the humid vehicle. 

(a/n: this is not a slow burn. so there will be a lot of smut in this book uwu.)

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