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Marriage on weekends 6

Kran scrolling something in his laptop, Sherry peep behind him & ask him- I'm gonna be a buzzi..

Karan look her & exchange only positive smile..

Sherry ask him with excited- seriously! I'm gonna be a buzzi, a new member will add in our family..

Karan look her & say- hope so!

Sherry ask him with upset tone- you both are not ready for baby..

Karan sigh & say- mentally we both are not ready as a parent..

Sherry- it's just a baby damn!

Karan- I know, it's just a baby, but that's not enough..

Sherry- what do you mean..

Karan- me & Tripura meet only on Weekend's, & on week days, we both are individually staying with our family, how can we manage our baby's future..

Sherry sigh deeply & says- you share pregnancy news with Maa..

Karan nodded in no- no, actually I don't know, how to share it with Maa..

Sherry ask him with doubtful tone- don't tell me, you both decided something disaster..

Karan- still not but after some weekends..

Sherry with shock tone- you both thinking about aborti.. please don't do that, we find out some way..

Karan shook his head in yes- hope so! Finger crossed..

Sherry- Bhai I wanted to talk with bhabhi, right now!

Karan look her with amazed & repeat her word- bhabhi!

Sherry- stop it, you know so well, why I'm pissed on her..

Karan smiles & forward his cell to her & says- don't talk in front of Maa, otherwise Maa's mood will disturb..

Sherry- don't worry..

Karan & Tripura on Khanna house door, family members ready to welcome Tripura in their house, Sherry welcome them in with smile, they both enter in the Khanna house with smile, Sherry taking Tripura with her, she shows to Tripura a whole house, Tripura enjoyed Sherry's company a lot, Tripura's parents leave the Khanna house after dinner, for Tripura a bit emotional moment, but Sherry lite her sad mood in happy with her babbling..

Night, Madhu walks towards her bedroom, Karan, Tripura & Sherry, still sit in live area, Karan & Tripura busy with their work, Sherry gets bored & she suddenly huff..

Sherry- what a boring couple you are!

Karan & Tripura up their neck's from laptop to her, Karan ask her- what happened to you..

Sherry- why you both marry with each other, you have to marry with your laptop's only, you both are not meant for each other, actually..

Tripura once exchange the look with Karan & start to stare Sherry, Karan again ask to Sherry- Sherry now stop your nonsense babbling, comes to the point..

Sherry- today is your night guys, at least today's night, leave your laptop's, & spend the night together..

Tripura blush by Sherry, & she trying to busy herself with laptop, Karan looks that, & he lightly close his laptop screen & says to Sherry- actually, we are excited but you interrupt us, you have to understand, at least..

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