11 - Gone

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Kirt Heinrich

I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe that I woke up without being disturbed by Mr. Gallagher, who wakes all the boys up at 7.30 am by banging against their capsule doors. During the first few days, he didn't wake us up because of the wearisome bus journey. But, after three days since reaching the camp, he made sure to wake us up as early as possible. He was so persistent in waking us all up that even if one of the boys he had just woken up slept, he never gave up going back and waking him up over again. I felt strange not waking up to the banging of Mr. Gallagher's fist against the capsule doors, that day.

I stared at the ceiling, as I lay still in bed. I recollected the adventure we had last night. 

Then pulling the curtains aside, I saw that the campfire was burnt out, and the ash was washed up by the rain. I then looked up at the branches of the trees which were gently swaying, before staring for a while at a big lock placed outside on the door of Sergio's cabin. 

Laying down, resting my head on the palm of my hands, I stared at the ceiling above me once again. I didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Shifaly Udawatte

Avanthi was lying on the floor. Her bedsheet was sprawled across the floor beside her. 

I shook my head as I stared at her, wondering how could she be sleeping even after a great fall. 

There were no birds outside chirping. It was drizzling. The trees outside swayed from side to side.

I could hear thunder, but I couldn't see any lightning. 

A thick storm was impending; for, that day the sky was even darker than how it looked when it rained in the days before that day. 

"Avanthi? Avanthi?" I tried to wake her up.

"Hmmm?" was the only response I got from her before she went back to sleep. 

With no company (except for the sound of the rain outside), thinking it was better to spend time outside, I went outside, careful not to step over Avanthi in the process. Nothing could describe how glad I was that I didn't have to share a bed with her yesterday.  If I ever did, I would have woken up with her smelly feet in my nose. Or worse... I would have woken up on the ground, with her spread like the bedsheet over the bed. They say some things never change: well, the way Avanthi sleeps is one of those things. 

However, Avanthi pushing people down or kicking them in their face when they share a bed with her were not the hardest things that they had to bear with when they shared a bed with her. The hardest thing one had ro bear with, when they shared a room with Avanthi was the loud voice she spoke with when she was speaking in her sleep.

I saw her stir as I closed the door, on my way out.  

Everyone was still sleeping, and I knew that because I saw no one in the common room. Usually, if people were awake, one would see the guys playing billiards while the girls were either watching the guys play, or gossiping. Today not a soul was in the common room, so I proceeded to go outside.

 Today not a soul was in the common room, so I proceeded to go outside

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