Chapter 1: Good Morning

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*Y/n POV*

I was stuck in a world of darkness. Everything around me was completely black, trapping me in on all sides. Every time I tried to move, I felt the black surrounding me, suffocating me. I couldn't escape the darkness.

Suddenly, there was a bright red light. The light expanded and expanded, swallowing up the darkness and bathing me in bright red light.

"Greetings, teacher."

"Yveltal," I said, turning to the figure walking in from the light, "Why do you call me that?"

"What? Teacher?" He repeated, "Well, you were my teacher, way back when."

"Bullshit," I replied, "I would remember it."

"You once taught me that a man would go insane trying to grasp the concept of infinity," He said, "But that for us gods, infinity is as simple a concept as breathing. In your own words, 'Infinity is endless, simple as that.'"

As he said that, I felt a pulsing pain shoot through my mind. I fell to my knees, grabbing at my throbbing head. It felt as if my brain was being pulled in two, split right through the middle with a knife.


"Infinity is endless, simple as that," I said, turning out towards the ocean, "Man cannot grasp that concept because simplicity is not something the human mind accepts."

"Couldn't they learn that concept though?" ??? asked, his face obscured by a darkness in my memory, "It doesn't seem that hard to understand. Even a child could understand."

"You underestimate the complexity of the human mind," I replied, "Humans cannot accept simplicity, Arceus didn't make it part of their nature."

"But why?" ??? questioned again, "If humans could be as smart as we are, why shouldn't they?"

"Perhaps that's not a question for me, but one for Arceus himself," I answered, sitting on the beach with my hands in the sand, "But if I were to answer, I'd say 'Balance'."

"Balance? Balance?" ??? repeated, "But what does that mean? How does it apply to humans and gods? Why wouldn't the world be better if humans were like us?"

"Interesting questions," I mused, "Perhaps, the world would be better off if humans were our equals. Perhaps not."

"Exactly! Why can't they-"

"I wasn't finished," I interrupted, "This is not something we can decide for ourselves. This is something that only Arceus can decide, and we have not the authority to choose."

"Why though? Aren't we gods in our own rights?"

Annoyed with the questions, I stood up and looked at him with a stern face.

"Enough," I said, stopping him in his tracks, "I've taught you many times before, do not push your luck. If you push this topic any further, I'll drop our lessons immediately."

"Yes, Teacher."

{Flashback Over}

As I writhed on the ground in pain, I noticed that the red light hand disappeared and had been replaced by a rainbow light.

"Uncle Y/n! Y/n!"

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