Chapter 4 - Truth

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The coffee sure helped his brain, it is slowly starting to work again. He is amazed by the fact that Jo hasn't said a word. Like she knew he didn't feel like talking. It's like they have a connection beyond words. It fascinates and scares him at the same time. She clears her throat and softly asks him: "Have you eaten breakfast yet?" Dart shakes his head and Jo gets up, walking back inside, leaving him there. He wonders if he should follow her or not. He finishes his coffee and decides to go inside, to see what she's up to. As he walks towards the bar, he sees her coming from the kitchen, with a plate filled with eggs, bacon and buttered toast in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other. She places them on the bar and points at the stool in front of it, taking his coffee mug from his hands to fill it up again. He sits down, a bit shaken by it all, but the smell of the food tempts him too much. He starts eating it, like he hasn't eaten for days.

Jo watches him eat with a smile, knowing he needed attention without words this morning. He must have had a bad night, by the looks of it. He will feel better after some food and coffee and she has the chance to study him up close this way. She daydreams about his strong arms and lips and shocks herself with it, a blush rising on her cheeks. And at that same time Dart looks up from his plate, mumbling a swearword as he catches her looking at him all dreamy. Damn, she is going to be the death of him. The way she looks right now, makes him want to kiss her so badly. He looks at his plate again, trying to control his emotions. He suddenly feels cold as she walks into the kitchen and swears to himself: "Stop wanting her! It's a bad idea. Damn stubborn heart." He gets up, leaving some money on the bar and walks out, almost bumping into Jake at the door. Jake looks at him closely and he thankfully only wishes him a good morning, before going in. Dart rushes off, afraid of his own feelings.

Inside, Jake looks around at the clean and tidy cafe, knowing Jo worked hard. He hears sounds coming from the kitchen and walks back there. Jo is deep in thought as she fills up the dishwasher, not noticing Jake at all. He leans against the counter, watching her work, wondering if anything happened between her and Dart. Jo closes the dishwasher and turns around, a shock appears on her face when she sees Jake, but she recovers quickly and smiles at him. "You worked hard girl! I didn't expect it to be so clean when I got back. Did you manage everything alone?" Jo nods and takes on a superhero pose, making Jake chuckle. "How were things with Maria? Did she enjoy the breakfast you brought her?" Jake smiles and says: "Yeah she was happy with it. But she had a bigger surprise for me. She showed me the pictures she took of you, when you tried on her clothes. You look so pretty in all of them. Especially in that black dress with the lace on top." Jo blushes as she listens to Jake talking about her like a proud brother. "So Maria and I came up with something." He hands Jo a poster that says 'Summer Dance', sponsored by Maria's Boutique and The Sidewalk Cafe. On it is a picture of her in the black, lace dress, looking pretty seductive. She stares at it with her mouth open. Jake keeps talking: "This is going to be in every local paper and magazine and we will hang them up all around town. The dance is going to be great! You get to wear that dress and we get to promote our businesses, while having a lot of fun."

He stops talking, noticing Jo hasn't moved or said a thing. "Did I go to far, Jo? Are you okay?" She looks up at him with a dazed look and whispers: "I look sexy...pretty...I-I." She can't find the words to tell him how she feels and places a hand on her heart, tears forming in her eyes, smiling softly. He walks over to her, pulling her into his arms, stating: "You are pretty! And so much more! It's about time you realize that! It has nothing to do with the clothes or the person who took the picture, they just helped the beauty come out. But it was always there, you just didn't see it yourself." With a lump in her throat, she hides her face against Jakes chest, trying to find the words to thank him. He takes a step back to look into her eyes and like he was able to read her thoughts, he states: "Don't you dare thank me again. Just promise me the first dance, so I can show you off to everyone out there."

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