Gaia's Children

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Written By: CamillaStein

Punk Genre: Biopunk

Recommended by: Nodaxi

We reached the valley at noon, exceeding all our predictions and expectations. There were no visible obstacles during the trip as if someone had deliberately cleared the way for us.

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In the year 2145 Gaia—former called Earth—ceases to exist as we know it, becoming dormant due to a huge asteroid colliding with the Moon causing it to shift off its orbit.

When this happens, pieces of debris fall to Earth originating explosions in North America which end up triggering severe trauma to an already perishing biosphere, irreversibly speeding up the planet's already undergoing collapse. However, a group manages to take off from the dying world to set up a colony on Mars.

Three centuries later the planet enters a new cycle with humans now being ousted entirely— some of them becoming exoplanetary researchers.

The story begins with the characters going on a mission to the desolate planet of our forefathers wanting to discover whatever odd took place some thousand years ago, one of them carries an amulet, passed down for generations coming from a telepath and a long-ago story about a completely different species.

Bubbling with Ribofunk, this intriguing short story takes us to a near-future apocalyptic setting with a hidden secret:

A symbiotic arrangement between an alien viral entity and an indigenous organism, a bird, that passed a milestone of evolution when humans were no longer part of the equation—a new sentient race establishing its presence on our ancestral homeworld.

Find the bird. Find the bird and let him go.—Navajo Myth.

One word for Gaia's Children: gripping.

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