18. The Doubts

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Remember feedback is must. I think Sanaya need to have some courage to deal with Hobsons. She was being so fearful. She should have good comebacks to say to everyone who insults her. What's your opinion?


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Everyone assumed implausible things about me without giving me a single chance to defend my actions. I was feeling so obnoxious about Hobsons's inhumane and hostile behavior to me that I wanted to just pull my hair and let out frustrated screams.

Even the convicted criminal get a chance to defend his crime, but this family didn't give me this right. I was victimized by their prejudicial nature.

I gasped exasperatingly and got out from the small bed.

I had been sleeping in the staff's quarter where Melanie's room was located. The room was not very wide, but suffice for the two of us. I now slept here comfortably because my conscience was somehow at peace due to not using that room which Hobsons offered.

Lazily, I sauntered out of the staff's quarter and went to the dining hall. I stopped walking when I saw Ashar was coming from the other end.

Our gaze met.

I got alarmed. 

He stopped walking and frowned at me. His eyes moved to my arm. I followed his gaze and saw the scar on my arm, made me recall the bruise I got because of him.

He remembered that wound.

Although, the injury was now fully healed, but it left a mark which was clearly visible. I guess it would take some time to disappear.

I rubbed that area of my arm as I felt the itching feeling, may be, because his gaze was boring holes into it.

He looked up at my face. I tried to gather courage and walked to him.

"How...How are you doing?" I slurred stupidly.

"Look at you, still so shameless." He reacted venomously.

My lips quavered in reaction. I avoided looking at him to hide the hurt on my face.

"I...I...I" My voice shook, "I wanna say that..."

I clenched my eyes frustratingly.

Do I've to be that obvious that his presence scared me?

Why I'm unable to pretend normal in front of him?

I opened my eyes and stole a glimpse of him. He was looking at me with raised brows.

"Don't leave your own house because of me. I'll make sure not to show my face to you if this could make you comfortable." I completed my sentence.

"Don't give yourself so much importance." He uttered.

I winced a little, probably not noticeable to him.

"Get out of my way."

He walked past me and scurried out of the mansion. I stood still for a minute then followed him.

I had to try to come on good terms with him. He had to listen to me.

"Ashar, wait." I yelled.

He reached for his car, ignoring me. I ran to him and stood beside him when he was about to open the car's door.

"Ashar, you need to listen to me. Don't think of me as a bad person. I can understand your anger for me, but-"

"Go away." He interrupted me.

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