Bone White

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Written By: JazzFeathers

Punk Genre: Dieselpunk

Recommended by: Nodaxi

She placed the little parcel on the bar bench and unwrapped it, the thin paper whispering in the bright silence of the boudoir. Inside, was a comb made of wood.

Her stepdaughter's birthday was approaching, and she had found the perfect gift for her. 

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With Dieselpunk in mind, Jazz Feathers concocts a fantastic short story set in the roaring 1920s with a dash of Ottensian Noir in its dark fairytale.

Meet a dazzling woman stepping in her boudoir—a vivid image of elegance and glamour. She has found the secret every single human would give anything away for...if you are wondering what that might be, then I invite you to give this one a read and find the answers you seek.

Bone White is a well-crafted, wonderful read with detailed descriptions, add it the element of intrigue and a touch of sorcery, and you will be craving a read and why not a "peek" into the magical realm of possibility and eternal bliss. 

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