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* Taina POV*
I woke up looking around realizing i was still in kentrell house, i got up looking at my phone before throwing my feet off the bed walking in the bathroom, i sat on the toilet scrolling through my email seeing i had a photo shoot today but at 2pm, it's only 10am i have time i said getting up, wiping myself & washing my hands i seen a note with a new washcloth & a tooth brush:) Oh he's smart😂 i did my hygiene before i walked out the bathroom seeing kentrell. Well goodmorning to you to he said, i laughed goodmorning Kenny! you can lmk when you ready to go, i was downstairs playing the game, okay soon as i change back into my clothes & fix my hair i'll be ready i have a photo shoot today at 2, what's your plans? Nothing i'm going to the studio later on tonight so until then i'll be with you at ya photo shoot and wherever else we're going he said smiling " mhmmm okay then let's get to it:) he left it out, while i put my clothes & grabbed my things i walked downstairs letting him know that i was ready to go, we walked out, i let him lock up while i got in the car. You hungry? he asked, yes but i only want some dunkin' donuts, i said smiling he pulled off heading towards dunkin' donuts he grabbed my hand rubbing the outside of it, while i sat there moving my head to his music, you like this song? he said smirking at me, yesssss i actually do. we pulled up to dunkin' donuts they took my order & we drove to the next window to get my food, kentrell started laughing, well what's funny? i just wanna know when did you start eating like this shawty, i use to have to force you to eat! i really don't know once i moved into my own apartment and everything was so far i had no choice but to cook and i was alone so all i did was eat eat eat, you know i rarely watched tv & after a while my phone got boring & all my manager does is feed me after every photo shoot:) the lady opened the window to give us the food & we pulled off heading in the direction of my house i was still a lil tired but more hungry so i started eating one thing at a time, & once i was finish, kentrell just looked at me smiling you really ate all of that i can't believe it, i just rolled my eyes stop trying to call me fat thank you😂. he laughed it off, turning to another song before i leaned my seat back falling asleep for the rest of the ride.
*1 hour & 30 minutes later*
Ma, get up we here! i felt kentrell tapping me, i moved the seat up bringing myself up" that was the best nap ever" i said smiling looking at kentrell, i'm sorry you had to drive all this way he just looked at me & smirked no your not sorry but it's okay i enjoy being around you every chance i get trust me but come on so you can get in the house & get ready for your photo shoot. I got up looking for my keys in my bag, finding them i unlocked the door waiting on him to walk in so i can lock the door, omg kentrell hurry it's hot out here he walked faster laughing at me, he walked in & i locked the door leading us upstairs to my room, i'm gonna go do my hygiene & fix my hair then we can head out so you have time to relax, make yourself at home i told him before walking in the bathroom undressing myself & hopping in the shower..
* 25 minutes later *
I walked out the room wrapping my towel around me, i forgot my lotion & under clothes! I seen kentrell laying there half way sleep, oh is my bed comfortable kenny? i asked smirking, hell yes putting a nigga to sleep i'm trying not to cause i know we gotta be heading right back out" we got time you can take a hour nap by the time i finish i'll wake you up i said to him before he turned around falling right to sleep on me* rude ass i said laughing grabbing my things i got myself together before taking my hair down brushing it, i'm ready for a new hairstyle i'll go to the hair salon after my shoot if i have time. I finally finished my hair leaving out the bathroom going in the closet bending over with just my panties & bra, i heard a click sound i turned around seeing kentrell smiling, are you serious right now weirdo😂 i said before i walked in the closet more closing the door so i can look for something to wear in private. After deciding on a white & grey bodysuit to match my white fur slide. I walked out the closet not seeing kentrell in the room anymore, i quickly got dressed & grabbed my bag making sure everything was in there before turning off my lights & fixing my bed" i walked downstairs seeing kentrell watching tv, i'm ready i said before grabbing a water out the fridge, i walked to the door with him on my heels, * smack* ouch that hurt you know my ass is sensitive i said rubbing the spot he hit🥺. I locked up while he started the car from the passenger side, oh you don't wanna drive me around anymore? i asked smiling, hell no we going somewhere for you i don't really know my way around here and i don't wanna learn yet! it's okay whatever i said getting in the driver seat readjusting the chair & steering wheel! pulling off in the direction of where i'm going, *15 minutes later* we pulled up, got out walking hand & hand! i couldn't wait to show him all the different styles & outfit i had to change into, i really loved doing this♥️ helllooooo Taina, your finally here even though your early & you have " kentrelllll" with you omg interesting long time no see my manager said bringing him into a hug" she still loved him for me she seen so much in him and us being together stilll. He sat down by the picture people while i went in my dressing room to change into my first outfit i had 3 different looks today, I was getting dress while they did my makeup & fixed my hair"I walked out earning a smile from kentrell.
* 2 hours later*
We were wrapping it up, this session felt so long but i felt like i killed it, I went to change my clothes before i looked at the pictures from today. I grabbed my phone hearing it ding so many times, looking over at kentrell" sirrrrrr what did you tag me in? i went on ig seeing his picture..

 I grabbed my phone hearing it ding so many times, looking over at kentrell" sirrrrrr what did you tag me in? i went on ig seeing his picture

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nba_youngboy: heyyyy ms.pretty lady😘😘😘 #mywife&bestfriend💚
I looked over at him blushing, let's head out so we can get you to the studio on time lover boy, teased grabbing his hand saying goodnight to my manger & the rest of the crew. We got to the car & i decided i'll drive back so he can get comfortable before he has to work his ass off i know he'll be there to all types of hours in the morning, he's going to drop me off at his mom house first then go there & he'll come back for me after he finish whatever time is that but i refuse to sit in his big ass house alone🤦🏾‍♀️. After a hour & 30 minutes later we pulled up to ms.sheronda house before we both got out going in, Ma? Me & Taina here" kentrell said screaming through the house, I'm in here babies what ya up to? We just came from T photo shoot i'm heading to the studio, she ain't wanna be in my house alone i'll be back for her soon as i'm done he said kissing both of us on the forehead & leaving out:)
Sheronda: So did ya talk?
Me: yes we did, he was honest & i told him what i felt we're gon work on being friends to see where it takes us.
Sheronda: See how mature ya are, that's right it's all about honesty, but honey i was catching up on my shows you can join, & make yourself at home kentrell room is still upstairs she said before walking off leaving me alone. I walked upstairs going in kentrell room taking off my shoes & pants, getting under the covers trying to watch tv before my phone dinged * message from ken*
Ken💚 : i was thinking about you, what you think about going on tour with me? i'm trying to prove to you something and i wanna be around you while i'm going up in life..
Me: We'll talk more about it when you get here, that's a big move your going to be gone for 2months and you leave in some days.
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I locked my phone before sliding it under the pillow & dozing off.

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