Start of Anupre

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In last chapter you saw how Anurag's attitude changed for prerna how he made Prerna and prerna's mom smile in that situation. The bad boy,the monster himself is changing let's see what will happen next .

Is it a start for anupre?

After dropping home to Prerna and her mom both Nivedita and Anurag finally reached home,it  was 10 'o' clock of night...and Nivedita was too sleepy so she said bye to Anurag and left to her room,Anurag also goes to his room and changes clothes.sits on the bed and his phone fall down from his pocket then he took up his phone were screen was opened and automatically prerna's photo gets opened then he looks her photo and started smiling he was feeling something even he was confused about his feelings so he talked himself..

Anurag:- Anurag Anurag kya hogaya tuje tu Aisa nahi hai Kyun itna soch Raha hai is ladki ke bareme don't forget you are a monster...ek kaam karta hun chup chap soh Jata Hun

(and he goes to sleep and fell asleep,started dreaming about Prerna aur usne sapne dekha ki Prerna aur woh Kahi dur ek beautiful island pe hai aur Prerna was coming to kiss him then suddenly he woke up in shock and said kya hogaya yaar tuje and goes outside of the room in balcony and started thinking what was happening)

Anurag:- Puri neend udgayi yaar kya karo samjme nahi ara why i am thinking about her.Anurag is ladki se bachke rahena padega aur wo toh aram se soh rahegi hogi Magar meri neend Puri udgayi kya karun.

And other side Prerna was also unable to sleep

Prerna:- Are kya hogaya AJ neend Kyun nahi Ari mujhe aur pata nahi,Mai Kyun uss Anurag ke bareme soch Rahi hun.lagta hai Mai kuch zyada hi soch Rahi Hun chalo Chalke soh jati Hun Magar neend hi toh nahi Ari😫.Oh god please kuch bhi karke aj mujhe suladho please...

Meanwhile anurag took his phone and started searching Prerna on Instagram but he was unable to find her then he realise she should be in Nivedita's friend list then he checked Nivedita friend list and he found her I'd and sent follow request..

Anurag:- Pata nahi Mai ye Kyun kar Raha Hun but Aisa lagta hai ki usse baat karke mujhe neend ajayegi...

And other side Prerna was trying to sleep but she was unable and

Prerna:- Lagta hai AJ mujhe neend nahi ayegi.Chalo Todi der phone use Karti hun kya pata neend ajaye and

(then she open her phone,turn her data on suddenly a request popped up from Instagram then she checked it,it was Anurag's request and she was little bit confused why he sent request to her

Prerna:- Pata nahi isne abi request Kyun bheji wo bhi Raat ke 2 baje kya karun accept karun ya nahi?? Kya karun??? Chalo accept kar lete hai and she accepts his follow request and send him follow request..and saw he was online..

Anurag get notification about her follow request and he messaged her..

Instagram chat of Anurag and prerna

Anurag:- Hiii..

Hello! Prerna replies.

Both replies abitak sohi nahi and abitak sohe nahi..

Stop copying me.(Anurag and Prerna replied)

Anurag:- I am not copying are copying me.

Prerna:- Ok ok we both are copying eachother and say abi tak sohe nahi🙄??

Anurag:- Nahi bas ek project kar raha tha🤥.

Prerna:- Project really Magar abi tak Hume koi project Mila hi nahi🤔

Anurag:- Are nahi wo dad ka project tha Wahi kar Raha tha..aur tum abi tak sohi nahi..

Prerna:- Bas aise hi neend nahi Ari thi😓

Anurag:- Tume bhi neend nahi aarahi??

Prerna:- Tume bhi matlab.?? Matlab tum bhi soh nahi parahe na...!

Anurag:- aah... aah matlab Haan pata nahi yaar Kyun aj Muje neend nahi Ari toh socha tumse baat karlo..

Prerna:- Mujse baat kar loge toh neend ajayegi.

Anurag:- No I don't mean that bas aise hi socha tumari health ke bare me poch Lun😅

Prerna:- Raat 2 baje kon kisike ke health ke bareme pochta hai yaar😥

Anurag:- Mai pochta Hun. wo kya hai na mujhe maza Ata hai Raat me kisi Ko jagah kar uske bareme pochne me..😁

Prerna:- Oh badi Ajeeb adat hai hai tumari and by the way I am fine thank you for asking .

Anurag:- My pleasure baby.

Prerna:- Baby what the hell Anurag..😡😥

Anurag:- Oh sorry galti se type hogaya wo komolika Ko baby bolta Hun na toh adat si hogayi hai sorry sorry my mistake...😰

Prerna:- It's ok then..

And they chat more than two hours like they both know each other from childhood and finally they both get sleepy..

Prerna:- Ok Anurag good night abi mujhe neend arahi hai thank you

Anurag:- Thank you kis liye 🤔

Prerna:- Bas aise hi man kaha ki boldo good night..bye🤗

Anurag:- Good night bye🤗

And both goes to balcony and think why I am talking to her/him but whenever we talk we talk like childhood friends and why I am thinking this much,for sure something we have common in eachother what ever it is we have to stay away...

Anurag:- Jo bhi ho kal se usse jitna zyada ho utna dur Rahoga.

Prerna:- It's nothing Prerna bas aise hi tu zyada hi soch Rahi hai but Mai jitna zyada ho usse dur Rahogi..and both started thinking..


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