chapter 4: swiss cheese

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guys this is number 83 in pizza now im disappointed smh wattpad gimme number 1 in pizza this fanfic is as italian as it gets 😤👌👌 and now its up to 56 hhhhh

"hey fugo guess what." mista said. "what is it????" fugo asked. "if u remove the 'go' from your name and replace it with a 'ck' you get fuck." mista said dying of laughter and then narancia started lauhging. "laughter isn't the only thing you're going to die of cuz this is chapter 4." fugo said and mista immediatly went into a coma for the entire chapter.

"not funny. did not laugh 😡." bnuro mommy said. "funny. i laugh." fugo said laughing. "ok guys i left ym house key at a italian place and we gotta go get it. i hid it under a rug now we gotta go find it." abbacchio said. "ah shit." narancia said. "ok guys i want fugo, giorno, and abbacchio to go on this journey to find abbacchios long lost house key." bruno mommy said. "k bye." fugo said. "hey abbacchio 👁👄👁." giorno said. "oh fuck off." abackio said and got into the backseat and intensely manspreadding so that giorno could not get in tha back seat. "ok normie." giorno said clearly pissed that he could not sit with his piss provider lion lamb meat. "giorno sit up front with me ur a big boy giorno giovvananananaなに?!?!!!!!!!!" fugo said. "ok fuggy boi. but can u pour me a nice glass of piss??" giorno giovanna, son of dio, asked pannacotta fugo. "no get in the fucking car or im gonna speed and stop short and make sure ur skull breaks." fugo yelled camlly. "ok fine i can go without drinking piss for a few hours." giorno said.

1 hour later:
"ok bros we are here at the last sighting of my house key." abbacio said. "ok now where do we sta-" giorno was cut off by a hee hee. "gUYS WHAT THè fUCK WAS thta I thInk ITS AN enEmIY STÆDN uasSER." fugo said angeryly. "hee hee."the enemy stand user said. "oH NO BRO ITS AN eNENMOE STAND USSR!!!!!!" giorno said. "watch your spelling dumbass this isn't a communist nation its a stand user." abbachio said correcting giornos audible spelling mistake. "pls piss in me 👁👅👁💦💦 im thirsty." giorno begged. abachio punched giorno in th face and the dick. then fugo was kidnapped. "oH SHIT ABbacchio this is ur fault😤😤😤!!!" giorno complained. "how is this MY FAULT u PISS drINKIG CUTN." abbacchio yelled at giorno and kicked him in the pp. "ow abbacchio my pp 😩😩😩." giorno said and organismed. "ok we gotta find fugo first and then loook for my long lost house key. or maybe its the key to my collection of black emo lipsticks from italian mafia branded hot topic." abbacchio leone said. giorno was too busy organisming on the ground to listne to abbacchios monologue about emo black lipstick from italian mafia branded hot topic.

"hee hee." the enemy stand suer said. "who the fuck are you????" fugo asked. "im illuso and im michael jackson stan so much that i named my stand 『H E E H E E』."  michael jackson fanboy said. "im gona fuck u up with my stand 『G R A P E  J U U L  P O D』 ." fugo said summoning his stand 『G R A P E J U U L  P O D』but he's not coming out!!!! "nani?! why isn't 『G R A P E  J U U L  P O D』 coming out?!" fugo exclaimed in confusion. then mirror boy punched fugo boy a lot. "ow." fugo said. "ur so stupid dumb swiss cheese boy." illuso said. "ho ho u haven't seen the best of me yet!!!" fugo said donning a minecraft creeper costume. "is that it? is that all u got?" illuso asked. "yeah." fugo said.

"aBBACHHIO WHAR the fuck is thAT?!? ?!?!.,.!" giorlno asled. "thta sfugos stand 『G R A P E  J U U L  P O D』stay away from it because it is very dangerous!!!!" abbachio warned. "im gonna tocuh it." giorno said. "fine then kill urslf." abbacchio said as giorno wemt up to touch his sstand and then it ounched giorno and infected him with LIGMA. "GIORNO U FUCKING TARD I tOLD YU nOT TO TouCH FuGOS GODAMN STAND 『G R A P E  J U U L  P O D』a HUNDREd fucKING tIME S u gODDAMN deGeNERATE. nOW YOU HAVE LIGMA."abbacchio yelled. "what's ligma?!" giorno asked. "you fool! you fell for it! ligma balls."abbacchio said laughing. then giorno started crawling towards abbacchio to licc his balls. "oh fuck off." abbachio said and ran away to find his hiddne house keÿ. "ah fuck i found my house key." abbacchio said picking up his house key off the floor from under s super gay rug and then his hand was cut off. "oh shit there's a miror near by i gotta use my stand 『Y O U T U B E  R E W I N D』to fuk with this dude." abbacchio siad wiht no hand. "mmm hand." yoshikage kira said. "wtf ur not even in this part and ur also dead?!?!!!" abbachio said. "oh yeah." yoshikage kira said and fucking died again and poofed away magically.

then fugo was put of the mirror world after infecting a ton of shit with LIGMA pp. "giorno!!!!!" fugo yelled. "fugo!!!!!!" giorno yelled. then they both hugged with their thicc diccs touching. "this is super gay." fugo said. "yeah this entire part is super gay." giormo said. "you have a point." fugo said. "now let's go find leone abbacchio ur piss provider." fugo said. "ok yes owo." giormo said holding fugos hand as the went to walk to find abbacchio. "wait fugo i forgot to tell u i have ligma." giorno said. "oh shit." fugo said. "here let this snake bite your titty." fugo suggested. "ok." giorno said and the snake bit his titty through his boob window and he moaned and squirmed like a big squirmy wormy and passed out on the floor.

"im gonna piss ur pants if u dont let me out of ur stupid dumb mirror world." abbacchio said. "do it pussy i dare you." illuso michael jackson kinnie said to abbachio the former cop. then abababacchio pissed on illuso's pants. "bothc i didnt thing youd acutlsly do it." illuso said crying smd thrn he died of ligma. "haha bitch." abbacchio said and passed out of blood loss cuz he has no hand. "oh shit i found abbacchio." fugo said dragging both of thier boddies to his van. then he also got abbacchios long lost house key.

giorno was the first to wake up during the car ride and massaged abbacchios bladder. "piss on me bby 👁👅👁." giorno said. then abbacchio woke up and slapped giorno in the face with his arm stub cuz he has no hand. "grt the fuck off me you fucking degenerate furry or im gonna clal the fbi on you for drawing trish hentai." abbacchio said. "oh no pls dont.!!!!" giorno pleaded. then abbacchio went back to sleep like a baby and fugo picked up the gang snd brought abbacchio to the hopspital to get his hamd bakc on.

2 hours later:
"hey abbachio catch!!!" narancia said throwing abbachios house key at him. "OW u fuckin BITCH i just got my HAND REATTACTED AND u tHROW A FUCKING keY AT IT IM GONNA KILL U hhhHhHhHHHh." abbachio ayelled. "aaaaaa nononononon mommy abbachio threatened meeeee." narancia yelled. "shut up im driving." bruno bucciarati said. then there was a big thicc turn and fugo fell om trish's booby. "haha OMG FUGO u fELL ON TRISH's BOOB. hahhaha don't worry trish he did that on purpose to ttry to fell ur titty hahaa." mista said. "ur supposed to be in a fucking coma this entire chapter." fugo siad. "oh right." mosta sand and fucking died.

"ok guys we gotta go find abbacchios house now." bruno said driving to thr train station wile playing last train home om thr speaker. "sad part 3 noises." narancia said and cried. "pussy." trish said and laughed. then they arrived at the train station. "ok guys where's my house???" abbacchio siaid. "omg there it is." he said picking up a replica of squidward's house. "what the fuck." narancia said. "can u pee on me pls." igoron said. "shut the fuck up both of you i dont want to hear it." abbacchio said playing sicko mode on his clarinet. "fucking band kid hahahaa." mista said. "can u just fucking die alrready????" fugo asked. "yeah sure." mista samd and died again. "guys we are here to fidn a turle." bruno mommy said. "yes this whole squidward's house key deal was a cover up for the turtle we are supposed to find and hide in." fugo said. "wtf why weren't we told about it?!?!" maramcia asked arngrily. "cuz ur mentally a 5 year okf and cant keep a secret." narancia siad crying amd being the literal Sad Cat™️. "owo what's this??" giorno said walking over to a spot over there.

to be continued
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