10 - La Muchachita

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Rhett Finkleberry

It's dead boring when you're asleep and you don't get any interesting dreams that make you want to remain asleep. I slept early after the party that afternoon after McAllister won the treasure hunt. Ughh! It sucks trying to force yourself to sleep. If I was at Wolfgang, I and Tommie would have gone down to the first graders' floor and put booby traps all over.

Tommie has a certain proclivity to gratify himself by looking at first graders trip themselves over cello tape taped across the doorways.

Tom was fast asleep (being his twin, I could tell that he was sleeping by his snoring). He always insisted that he didn't snore when he slept. So his lack of knowledge that he snored helped me in identifying (when I needed to) if he was sleeping or if he was pretending to sleep.

With Tom asleep, I couldn't pull a prank properly.

So to entertain myself, I pulled out my phone and scrolled through the last chat we had on the night before the day we left America for Bolivia.

Timothy McAllister: Guys have you started packing?

Alice Boe: Yup, just got to put my toothbrush and self-care kit in my bag

Jean Pierre Gagnon: Haha, I have to start. Procrastinated obviously 🤷‍♂️.

Kirt Heinrich: Guys Ms. Berkley says that all boys must come down to the Boys' Residency's Common Room ASAP.

Timothy McAllister: Thanks, Kirt. Excuse me folks gotta go.

Jean Pierre Gagnon: Me too

Kirt Heinrich: No problem guys.

Me: Oh boy! Announcements. I wish I just can't go.

Kirt Heinrich: Rhett she said, "all grade 10 boys must come down to the common room".

Me: Bruh... you actually think I give a shit about what that witch says? 😂

Kirt Heinrich: Excuse me, Rhett. This is Miss Berkley now. You've said enough already. COME DOWN TO THE COMMON ROOM! 😤😤

Tommie: 🤣🤣🤣


Alice Boe: This is hilarious 10/10 👌👌😂👏👏

Me: Ummm I'm sorry Miss. Berkeley.. was talkin of...

Me: Hernanda Wilkinson

Hernanda Wilkinson: Wot? 0.0

Alice Boe: 🤣🤣

AnnSophia Fabron: 😂 Rhett, I often feel like you should just drop out of school. You'd make a good comedian.

Me: Can I say something, me lady.

AnnSophia Fabron: Yes? 😂

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