Chapter 22 : Her Boyfriend .

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24 Hours later 

Lavanya waited at her doorstep, Akash had texted her that they were on the way to her house. It has been 24 hours since she last saw him, she hated that he was avoiding her but not anymore Akash had convinced him to attend Arnav bhai birthday party.

After that shocking revelation in the court, her father took Vihaan to talk . Lavanya wanted to go with them, but they both had rejected her support and her father went as far as to ask Akash to drive her home first. She was furious to be sidelined and left clueless. But one look at Vihaan, she knew he wanted her gone and so she left without a word.

When Akash drove her home, he pestered her with questions cleary caught unaware by the events, she told him briefly the events of Vihaan's mother's death since she didn't want Vihaan to go through explaining it to Akash. And then he went silent as if processing what he learnt about his friend.

The moment the car reached the home, she ran inside to find her mother. Lavanya knew inspite of everything her father would have texted her mother, so her mother was ready for the arrival of a emotional daughter who cling to her and began crying, not for her pain but for him .

It was her brother who went out to invite Akash inside, apparently she all but forgot about him. Her tears bothered her brother so she pretended to smile that faltered at the end.

"If you miss us so much, why do you have to go that far away? " her brother spoke up as he showed his frustration at having a sister prone to tears. And Lavanya felt tears threaten once again at her brother's concern for her.

It took another two hours before she saw the glimpse of her father getting out from the cab and for the first time ever Lavanya's eyes drifted behind her father to see someone else, her eyes usually remained fixated towards her father. But her concern for Vihaan made it impossible to concentrate on her father entering their house.

" Dad, Where is Vihaan ?" Lavanya asked as soon as her father entered the house, still looking behind her father to see if he was with him .

" In the Cab and Akash he is waiting for you " her dad answered back, she tried to check up on him but a simple touch of her father's hand halted her process, she knew what the touch meant Vihaan didn't want to see her.

Lavanya wanted to defy Vihaan's wish, but she couldn't walk away from her father gaze that asked her to be understanding of him, so she remained rooted beside her father as Akash left.

" I will text you " Akash promised as he walked past her. It didn't reassure her, because she needed to see him to believe he was okay and yet it was all she would get, so she nodded her head in answer .

Akash kept his promise as he texted her every hour updating that Vihaan seemed normal, and yet they both know with Vihaan it was never easy to decipher what was  going on his mind .

Later that night, Lavanya gathered all she could from her father,  as always her father know how hard it has been for her. So didn't mind that her daughter who came for a short vacation spent most of the time talking about Vihaan .

" He will be fine Princess. The trial won't happen now, the police need to trace his information and build a new case that includes Vihaan's mother death and only when his mother's case comes on trial will Vihaan need to take the stand. I won't say it isn't hard for him, but he has time before he need to face all of it " her dad failed to reassure her with his words, but his presence beside her made it easy to believe him .

To Lavanya her father was a super man, he had no faults and she would trust him with everything, including Vihaan. She knew Vihaan will be protected by her father and still throughout the day she kept glancing at her phone to see if he sent her any message .

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