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I'm just Star Butterfly. No one special, no one worth a glance. But everyone—including my parents, make me seem like I'm a big shot genius—like the next Einstein or the next Aristotle that it pisses me off. I just want to be Star Butterfly, not this kid who has to keep everyone's expectations on edge. There were times I rebelled or tried to fail a test, but it had a rather big negative impact on my side and my parents. The kids all mocked and laughed at me, the teachers asked me if I was alright or if I just cheated my way and pretended to be a genius—or how I'd comprehend by how they sounded like. My parents's status change and they begged me for their sake. It was always for them and they never once thought about what I wanted. Am I going to live my life just pleasing their wants and perceptions of me? Likely yes.

It wasn't just that, but I learned reality in the harsh way. Those people you call friends? They're nothing but illusion, just strangers you put labels and they won't need you; they would only think about themselves. So I stopped having expectations or hopes, nothing is going to change anyway.

The park is like my home—funny how I think that a public place has more value than my actual home. People in there won't bat an eye on you or try to judge you, they'd mind their business. The park is quiet and the scenery is rather calming. It makes me feel free from all the pressure and toxic energy from everyone. It is the only place where Star Butterfly can just be Butterfly.

"How did your day go, Star?" mom asks, a little more hopeful and I sneer. She's just checking if I kept my grades high. "Sure, it was alright."

I try to walk pass her and she stops me. "Is everything alright?"

Ha! Is everything alright? Obviously not and it's a rarity for you to care anyway then just minding your status with your so called "mom friends". "If it wasn't, then you would've seen me sunken on the tub with no pulse," I humour myself and the wrinkles on her forehead creases.

"I'm worried Star, I want what's best for you," she says in her motherly tone. "What's best for me? What a joke."

"Anyway, I'm setting you up on a play date," she smiles and I clench my fists. "—don't worry, he's in the same league as you. I'm sure you'll mingle with him."

"Cut it mom," I clench. "—you can put me in as many cram schools or tests as you want, but don't ever make decisions for me that is my personal life."

"Oh Star, this is all for you," she explains and I'm fed enough with that line that it feels like an automatic response that I abhor the most.

"Whatever, I'm going out," I raised a hand. She chimes. "It's late, are you sure you're gonna be fine?"

I glance back at her nonchalantly. "I have a Taser, I'll be fine."


The park sure feels nice, especially at this time at night. I'm very aware that they might be creeps, rapists and kidnappers that would lurk around this hour but I couldn't care less. I could die and I don't have anything or anyone to care for. My life is a sham anyway. Upon passing by the benches, a stranger sits at the far corner. His hands buried on his face as his hair shone by the moonlight. I stepped closer. "Are you homeless, Mr.?" I ask and he looks up, totally surprised and mortified like he saw a ghost.

"Where did you came from?!" he says pale-white.

And I couldn't help but be sarcastic around him. "Of course I came from my mother's vagina."

The look on his face was priceless and I wanted to nudge him more.


"Why are you so spaced out?" The virgin glances around me. I look at him and blinked. "Nothing really, just thinking."

"Is there anything bothering you?" he asks and I smirk. "—yes, in fact he's beside me."

"Sheesh, stop with that attitude of yours. Now answer me seriously, I thought we were friends."

I raised a brow and nudge him in the rib to which he yelped. "I said acquaintance, not friends. Stop assuming low-life."

"But yeah, I'm really bothered," I admit. "—I suppose I can tell you since you're not really that important."

"I just remembered my mother set up a play date with this kid I don't know," I say. "—I couldn't even say no to it and I just wanted to hell with it."

"But isn't that going to be fun, I mean you can meet people with your age," he smiles and I sigh. "—you don't get it. It's already bothersome having you, another one is just gonna be hectic and I'm not interested in that friendship crap, for all I know this might be my mother's discreet way in planning an arrange marriage between me and this kid."

He chuckles. "You sure do know your mother well."


"Brat, have you met any new friends?"

"No. Won't matter," I bluntly reply. "—in the end we'll all part away and won't remain contact so why bother."

"You're scary for a kid, you know."

"Well you're lame for a teen your age."

"Stop hitting me. I just got recently dumped and you're adding fuel to it."

I smile. "That's what I do. Make your life miserable."

"Anyway, I'm pretty sure that date will be fine," he looks at me and smiles. "—because he'll certainly be turned off by your demonic tongue."

I snort. "It's pretty rare for you to be on the same level with me, but yeah, I'm gonna ace it."

He extends his fists to me and I stare, completely oblivious. "You pound it with your fist, it's like a friendship handshake or somethin."

I only keep staring at it, frozen and he takes my hand, then curls it into a fist. "Don't leave me hanging, only losers do that."

I shake my head in disbelief and pounded my fist with his. "Don't put me in the same league as you, Diaz."

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