6| Best worst day

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My absolute favourite day

Was when you had your worst

You came to my house

Which was honestly a first


I was surprised to see you

In the rain and at my door

But it was tears on your cheeks

That made me say no more


In the rain, we walked

We walked to the local park

And though it was day

Your sadness made it dark


I knew what it was about

I knew the issues  with your dad

But talking couldn't fix it

And I hated to see you sad


With the rain soaking the ground

I picked up a giant scoop

And served your face a meal

It was my special mud soup


You yelled out in shock

And immediately fired back

Laughing, I started to run

But my head felt the smack


And like little pigs

In the mud, we played

Even though we got sick

I wish we had stayed


Because just having fun

Made you forget the bad

Made me forget my house

And for once, I was glad


So to calm the storm

I embraced the rain

Who knew a bit of mud

Could wash off our pain?


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