Shot One

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Khushi was standing near the window. Her eyes fixed on the distant star while her thoughts were all chaos.

She sighed, and subconsciously, her hands wrapped around her tummy. "I am so happy." She smiled and gently rubbed it. "Soon you will be here with me. To share my happiness and to lessen my pain."

"I love you soo much." A tear escaped her eye as she was overwhelmed, talking to the life growing inside her.

It was morning when she came to know that she was going to be a mother. That Khushi and Arnav were pregnant with their first baby.

The news spread like fire and soon, Gupta family too came and blessed the couple. Everyone was happy. With Anjali's delivery around the corner and Payal being already pregnant, Khushi's pregnancy was much awaited and relished.

Her thoughts halted when she found a warm pair of arms engulf her in his embrace. She leaned back and placed her head on his chest.

"How are you?" The man asked, slightly nuzzling her neck.

"Umm." She sighed. "Fine." She smiled feeling his touch.

"Arey, I was asking to my baby." The man teased her, putting slight pressure on her abdomen.

"Arnavji." Khushi turned in his arms and huffed. "You are so bad. Aik hi din mein party badal li." She fake angered. (You changed side in one day only)

"Arey, I was just joking, baby." He pulled her in his arms. "I am soooo happy, Khushi. We are finally going to become parents." He shared his happiness that made Khushi more happy.

"Soon we will have a little Arnav in our life." She squealed.

"Little Arnav?" He pulled back! "But I want a little Khushi." He pouted, making her laugh.

"We will see who wins." She winked at him before kissing him on the cheek.

"Khushi yar," Arnav cried. "I am not a kid, stop kissing me on cheeks." His annoyance made Khushi feel happier and happier. She was finding happiness in everything. Maybe it was the affect of pregnancy, after all it does bring change.




Khushi was sleeping when she felt someone caressing her hair. "Rise and shine baby." She felt a kiss on her forehead followed by a kiss on her belly.

"Arnavji." She moaned out as she got up.

"Good morning, Sweetheart." His shining face was before her. She rubbed her eyes, getting accustomed to the light.

"Good morning, hubby." She suppressed a yawn, and then cutely stretched herself.

"Get up, get up. I have made breakfast for you." He told her, making her eyes go wide.

"You made it?" She asked, surprised.

"Of course. For you and my little princess." He grinned.

"Awwww. Someone is acting all fatherly." She smiled and then hugged him. "I will be back soon." She kissed him again on cheek and left towards bathroom.

"Not again," she heard his mumble, as she entered the bathroom, laughing her heart out.





"I am tired, Arnavji." She rested her back on the headrest and spread her legs. Arnav was at once beside her. "Khushi." He called her as she closed her eyes.

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