1. What It Do Baby

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"Real niggas don't need a group,
they can handle being solo!"

~ Unknown

Justin Deon Jones Jr.

I hopped out of bed yawning, as I did a little shake stretch. You know that stretch when you first get up and it feels like you having a seizure, that shit be the best. On god, bruh!

I made my way downstairs, immediately going to the fridge. In this house, if you don't get up early enough then yo ass ain't getting shit to eat. I had to set a alarm cause by the time I normally would've gotten up, they fat asses would've been and ate up all the food.

I open the fridge, grabbing a few grapes. I pop them in my mouth before I hear a noice making me jump. I look up to see my pops staring at me with blank expression.

"How come, every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chitlins...all the pig feet... all the collard greens...all the hog maws. I wanna eat some of them chitlins, I like pig feet to!"

I secretly roll my eyes at him before grabbing the whole bowl of grapes out the fridge. This nigga always complaining about somebody being in the refrigerator.

I head to the sink to wash the grapes off before I see him shake his head. "Oh hell no boy, put them goddamn grapes back in that fridge boy. Always eating all the goddamn grapes up. Shit, gimme time to get some grapes before y'all dog em all out", my pops spoke out making me groan.

"Come on now daddy, this my first time getting some. Ian even know they had these in here.", I say in a whine like tone.

"I wouldn't give a damn if you was Jesus Christ himself, put my goddamn grapes up-, getcho boney black ass back down here boy", he yelled as I ran up the stair with the bowl of grapes in my hand.

"Stop running in my damn house boy", I heard making me slow down as I made my way to the room. Ian tryna get no ass whoopings right now.

"You can run but you can't hide, i'll getchu  bitch", my pops yelled out making me laugh. His old ass ain't go be getting nobody anytime soon.

'Ahaha', I said to myself, dancing in the mirror.

"Boom sha-ca-laca, boom boom sha-ca-laca. Boom, Boom, Boom. Sha-ca-laca. Real ass nigga, give a fuck bout a bitch. Bougie ass nigga, five hunnid for the dick. My girl on my page don't be tagging me in shit. Hoe I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Ahhhhhh", I yanked my pants up and down as I continued to dance and rap in the mirror.

I eventually got tired and got back in the bed. I continued to eat on my grapes as I strolled through the tv. I heard a knock on my window making me jump. Damn, I guess i'm just gone be a jumpy ass nigga today huh.

I looked out the window, who tf-. "Open the window bitch", I heard making me smack my teeth. Raising the window up, I slapped him up against them up against the head one by one as they made their way in.

"Y'all the only dumb ass niggas I know that comes through the window when they got a perfectly working front door", I mugged. They laughed in my face making me mug them harder.

"I know cousin, but what's the fun in that right", Daylen said patting me on the back.

"Anyways, so what's the move my nigga", Ked said brushing his hair to the front. This nigga carry a brush everywhere he go and his waves not even swimming like that.

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