Sloth Fiction Part Deux:Cherchez Les Chats

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Sloth Fiction Part Deux-Cherchez Les Chats~Rated PG

The boys are back at Chez LadyWriter and this time, they get to meet some of the furry family members. Mild spoilers if you haven't read some of my earlier stuff, specifically "Dangerous to Know," "Lost & Found" and "The Adventures Continue." Enjoy!

"She's-staring at me."

Lucas, who'd claimed the sofa, stretched his muscular arms, well displayed in his rather snug-fitting powder blue pullover, and folded them behind his head.

"She's a cat, Guy. Cats do that sort of thing, you know . . ." He drawled lazily. Lucas was still a bit knackered from shooting Spooks.

Guy sniffed. "Yes, but-do they not stare at Humans, in general? God's teeth, it's as if the creature can--see--me!"

Harry, who was leafing through a stack of books in his lap, chuckled.

"But-Guy, you forget. Puddin' was featured guest--pussycat--in 'Dangerous to Know' and 'Lost and Found,' so it's not as if you two are strangers," Harry said with a smile and a shrug.

"True . . . but-she's real. She's not a Character like us." Guy, from the corner of his kohl-rimmed azure eyes, peered rather suspiciously at the rotund, long-haired cat.

"God's blood, but she shouldn't be able to see us outside the pages of LW's fic-should she?"

Harry scratched his head. "Don't know. LW can see us any time-even when she's not writing."

Guy frowned. "Yes, but-well, I am most fond of LadyWriter, but she is bit barmy, you must admit . . ."

The feline named Puddin', also known as Puddie and Puddums, continued to stare at Sir Guy with her very large, sea green eyes.

Unblinking eyes.

"I mean-I always know where I am with that hound Zeus. Dogs, horses. You let them know who is in charge. And they respect that. Quite simple." Guy folded his arms across his billowy black shirt, a slight smirk crossing his face.

"Yet the Lord of the Manor feels outsmarted by LW's sweet little pussycat . . ." John Porter's deep voice rumbled as he walked in and took a seat on one of the stools at the kitchen island.

Guy blinked, fluttering those blackened lashes, his handsome features settling into a sneer.

"I am not outsmarted by a cat, you overgrown lump of-peasant." The knight snarled menacingly. Damn LW for taking his sword away!

"Not even a crescent-shaped dagger with a poison tip to nick that jumped-up soldier with," he muttered under his breath.

John Porter grinned quite cheekily and popped some honey roasted peanuts in his mouth.

"I'll think I'll have a glass of that rather delicious iced tea LW always keeps on hand, anyone care to join me?" Harry quickly interjected with raised brows and a sunny grin.

Lucas pursed his lips in thought.

"Actually, I could murder a couple of those choccie glazed doughnuts LW sometimes picks up. And a cup of coffee for dunking."

Harry put down his books and loped into the kitchen to rifle through the K-cups in LW's pantry.

"Do you want a cup of German Chocolate, French Vanilla or Mississippi Mud Slide, Lucas?"

Lucas sat up and peered over the back of the sofa. "Doesn't the woman have something less--frilly--in the way of coffee?"

Harry shook his head, a heavy strand of dark hair falling over his forehead in a most charming way.

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