Although you failed to see it, your love suffocated me

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Toko came back home crying.

Tears dropped into a path as Toko ran, ran, ran to her room, slamming the door shut behind her.

She was stupid, stupid, stupid. What did she expect from Byakuya? She wanted a romantic date night and he-

He wanted to interrogate her about Genocide Jack!

She never felt so insulted, Genocider had apparently agreed as well, since she found deep scissor cuts on Byakuya's arms once he tased her back to herself.

Useless useless useless useless useless. She should have known! Who would love an ugly pig like her! Who would love a freak! Her own mothers didn't love her!

Toko sighed, as Komaru knocked on her door.

"Toko? You in there?"

Toko felt more tears threatening to spill. "Come in." Her voice cracked.

"Toko? You alright?" Toko felt here bed shift from her weight.


"Want me to give you space?"

Toko let the ends of her lips curl up- just a bit- in a soft smile. "That's the last thing I want, you know that."

"What happened?"

"Everything was going well, I guess. But then.. he started asking me weird questions. When Genocider last wandered near the tower. Wether I woke up in strange places.

"Turns out that the date was a setup to interrogate me about who killed some little girl."

"But Genocider only kills men!"

"He should know that by now. Maybe... maybe I should stop. He probably doesn't want an ugly pig like me chasing after him."



"How many times do I have to tell you that you're beautiful?"

Komaru and Toko looked at each other for a second too long. The tears that Toko was holding back started rushing out of her eyes like waterfalls.

She didn't know it, but a violet rose bloomed inside Komaru's chest.

"Why are you so nice to me?"

"Because I-" Komaru held herself back. No. Not now. Not when Toko's emotions are wild and not when she's in tears. "Because I'm your friend."

"No. Your more than that."

The edge of a petal in her chest wilted, just a bit.

"You're like a sister to me."

Like a bulldozer to her chest, Komaru started choking. Out of her mouth came a blood soaked petal. Komaru looked at it, and hid it quickly. She wasn't sure as to why, but she did.


"Do y'know what time it is, Naegi?" Hiroko opened the door, perfectly awake.

"Um, I knew I wouldn't wake you though?"

"It's rude to visit anyone past midnight, unless you're here to fuck."

"I wanted advice from someone wiser." I held up the petal, which still smelt heavily like blood.

Hiroko's eyes widened. "Come inside."

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