Chapter 11

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"We go from touchin' to teasin', to fightin' and screamin'
I hate you, I love you, No fuck you, I'm leavin'
Bitch where you goin', I'm grabbin' your weave
Now you grippin' the sheets, as you screamin' my name for more." ~YNW Melly

" ~YNW Melly

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"Stop." Destiny slapped my hand away. I kissed my teeth and took a bite of my burger. We was currently at McDonalds just eating and talking.

"So you not gon lemme touch you?" I asked tryna touch her titty. She shook her head.

"Fuck no we in public and you gotta girlfriend." She laughed. I looked at her.

I wanna fuck the shit outta her right now, like just fuck her on this table.

"I wanna give you some dick." I randomly blurted out.

"Nigga you have a girlfriend pooh and also it's gonna hurt the baby." She said.

"No it's not." I said, she nodded her head and ate a fry.

"Nigga yo dick touch my stomach like no. You gon hurt my child." She said.

"Our child. I played apart, my nut helped also." I said.

"Anyways I can't believe im gonna be a mom. You trapped me." She said.

"Uh uh Melvin did." I said. She smiled.

"Nigga I was drunk and you just gave me dick because I asked. The first time you fucked me I told you we gotta start using condoms and you still fucked me raw nutting in me everytime." She said.

"So you gotta be pregnant 15 times then because if I recall one night you literally let me fuck you 5 times." I said. She flicked me off.

"We have not fucked 15 times I'll say about 10." She said.

"Nah cuz remember you had an idea talking about 'LeTs tAKe A ViAGrA aND sEe hOW LoNG wE CaN FuCK eAChOtHeR'" I said.

"It was to try I didn't know we was gonna go 6 rounds in one day." She said. I started laughing.

"My dick would not get soft and you kept moaning Talking about tOuch mE JaMell. I'm horny." I faked moaned mocking her voice and laughing.

"So you blaming it on me?" She asked.

"Yes nigga you basically drugged both of us." I said sipping on my sweet tea.

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