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Hii frnds,
I'm starting a new short story on Arshi...hope you guys like it...

Khushi admires herself in the mirror. "You are looking perfect khushi." .she mentally patted herself.

She comes out of the room wearing her bag. "Amma I'm going to college". She said loudly but couldn't see Garima.

"Where is amma." She looked around. "Must be in kitchen. "

And her guess was right. Garima seems really busy in the phone. She is laughing in fact.

"Who is calling amma". Khushi asked confused.

Ratna. "Do you want to talk." Garima extends the phone to khushi.

Khushi snatched it from her. "How are you ratna aunty." 

"I'm fine is your college life. You seems really busy nowadays. " Ratna's voice comes from the other end.

Khushi smiled sheepishly. "Where is arnavji. Is he there aunty." She asked hesitant.

"Arreyy wait beta. He is here only. I will give him the phone." With that ratna walked near arnav. 

"Chote..." she called. "There is a call for you." She extends the phone.

"Who is it..maa " he asked taking the phone.

"Khushi hai.".Ratna said scared of his reaction.

Arnav fisted his palm hearing her name. His face was red with anger and he throws the phone on bed gritting his teeth.

"How many times I have told you mom..I don't want to talk to her. I just hate her. Why can't you understand. She will bring misfortunes where ever she goes. Because of her I lost my anju...never takes her name infront of me.." he screamed.

Ratna was shaken by his anger. She looked at the phone and was shocked to see the call was not cut. Which means Khushi heard everything. Ratna immediately take the phone. But all she can hear is the sound of sniffing and the line went dead.

She looked at arnav with anger." How could you chote. Khushi bitiya heard all this. Don't know what she must have felt. "

Arnav remains unaffected by her words and continued his job. "Answer me can you blame khushi bitiya like this. It's not her mistake that her parents died. "

Arnav's eyes turn red. " Then what about sashi uncle and"

"Chote sashi ji was suffering from cancer. And how can you blame khushi for losing our anju. We lost her in not because of khushi bitiya for God's sake. How can you blame khushi." Ratna screamed.

Arnav throws the file he was looking. "Haan  . she giveup her life for saving that chit of a girl. Because of her I lost my little sister. How much you try  Arnav Singh Raizada will never forgives her and I just hate her with all my heart. Just one wish that she never comes in front of my eyes ever again." 

How is it guys

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