Even with my eyes closed, I knew I was starting to wake up, because I could the sounds of birds chirping, the light breeze, and I could smell the morning air. I could still feel Kovu on the back of my neck, still sound asleep. I heard the movement of feet, but didn't did think anything of it until i heard a harsh, and cruel voice, that was raspy, and could make milk curtle.

"Kovu," the rapsy female voice spoke coldly, which made Kovu jerk up and get as far from me as possible.

"Oh...mother!' Kovu said.

"Just what are you doing," she said looking at him, then taking a glance at me in suspicion.

"W-Well I...was helping her that's all...she not from here...a-and it gets cold at night..so I-" Kovu stammered until she stopped him.

'I know who she is, but i would like to know why is it that you are here with her?" As she stated this question I slowly sat up, as I shook my hair from my face, and decided to step in to help Kovu.

"He was doing his job as a lion," I said as I walked in front of her and sat down.


"Yes, the male in a pride is suppose to protect right? Well that's what he felt the need to do, even though I am not part of this pride, he wanted to protect me since seeing how I'm a girl," then I looked over at Kovu and muttered, "Even though I can take care of myself..." then i turned back to his mother. "He took it upon himself to do his job, and in a way I'm glad he was with me, anything could have happened out here, so it was a good thing he stayed with me."

Kovu's mother then looked at him then at me, then she smiled a cold and evil smile, that gave me chills and made me feel uncomfortable. "I see."

Kovu and I looked at one another in confusion, and then looked back towards his mom. She started to turn to walk away, but then turned back cutting her eyes at me. "Aren't you coming? It's time for your passing, isn't it Ayame?"

"Right," I said as I started to follow. "Come on Kovu," I snapped him out of whatever daze he was in and he came following after.

When we reached an open, sandy, and rocky area near the lions den, there were already lions fighting, clawing and btitng each other that seemed to be a fight of the death...but I had to remeber that it was some right of passage sort of thing.

"Ahhh," Scar said as he approached walking over the lion who was just defeated. "My special guest," he hissed. "Ayame."

"Yes, Scar, I'm here. What? Think I would've ran off or something?"

"Hmmm, not exactly," he said smugly. He turned to walk away, "If you'd kindly follow me. "

I knew he wasn't asking, so I did. Kovu started to follow until his mother stopped him. "Stay with your mother Kovu," Scar said cutting his eyes towards him. "I must talk with her alone."

He led off to the side of all the fights and sat down, eyeing me cautiously, and grinned. It was the kind of grin I found to be suspicious. "You will fight four battles," he started. "And if you win three out or four or all of them, then you will be of use to me."

"I understand."

He got back up and then walked back towards the circle of lions as I followed. "Now," Scar announced. "It is time for our new comer to show what she's made of, Ayame." he said gestured to me and I stepped into the circle and summoned Two Across, it of course going in my mouth. I shook my head thinking that this was the first time I'd have to fight like this....but I knew Two Across would help me somehow. "First you will fight, Vitani."

Then a female lioness sashayed into the circle, she had a tuff of hair on her head, and purple eyes. She then got in a fighting stance, and grinned. "Hmph...you look pretty easy."

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