Right's POV

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One morning,I'm in a train with my friends,I woke up really good,I feel like I'm hungry so Ms Wagon gave me breakfast,Ryuuji,Mio and Kagura were sitting there,I sit next to Ryuuji,I smelled the food and said,"Mmm,so good",then I took a bite of it,it was delicious,then Mio said,"Right,u always say that the food is good,can u just give up on it",then Ryuuji said,"He's not wrong,Right always loved his food the way it should be,and he will always love it,right Right?",I agreed with Ryuuji then I said with the food in my mouth,"That's right".Then Kagura said,"Right always light his day with his own breakfast"."Yup,in fact,That's really our Right",I smiled then I looked and saw Hiromu,who is looking a little pale,I remember the story about his family passing away,I kind of felt bad for him,his heart must be still broken,I said to him,"Hey,Hiromu,want some breakfast?",He didn't look at me,he just sit there with his mouth closed.Then he walked away without saying a word.'What's with that guy?',I thought,then I turned around and kepted thinking about Hiromu's parents and how his pain goes badly,he's really in pain,I can tell but I'll talk to him later and see if he's ok,but right now,we're going out after breakfast and its somewhere so stay tune for that.Suzuki Right out! 😉

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