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So pretty much I got this idea from soundthealarm which is one of the most talented people I know such an amazing person <3

This is pretty much to help anyone who does not know how to properly request because believe me there are more people who don't know how to request then the ones who do.

1 - For starters when requesting a cover one very important thing is to know what you want, I wouldn't say exactly exactly every little detail but a short idea because that way you will make it a lot easier for us designers otherwise we might deny your request for the lack of ideas. Help us helping you.

2 - Know your options: As Taryn mentioned in her book, there are three main cover types/options. You see, this is the very first thing you must decide. Do you want a minimalistic, a simple or a more manipulated cover? You don't know what these mean? Well allow me to enlighten you:

Minimal/Minimalistic: Usually this are made based on vector images and such. In my case I don't have that many minimal covers but I do love to make them and I'm excited to make more but in my examples the Sins of Touch cover is pretty much minimal . Also you if you go to Taryn's examples (soundthealarm) you will find a lot of minimal AMAZING covers.

Simple: As the name say it itself it's pretty much something simple but well thought like the title with an idealistic picture. 

Manip: Manipulations are more worked out graphics which are more messed with and detailed like Blood Lust and Titanium in my examples.

3 - Then obviously comes the text!! Guys keep it "short" and simple. You don't have to change the title of your story but like you can abreviate the title in the cover and maybe use the actual title as a subtitle (please let me know if I'm making myself clear) this in case your title is too long. If it's not then all good. As for the Author please let me know if you'd like me to put words such as A novel by or written by cause depending on the case they sometimes make a lot of a difference when complementing a cover. Also please try to give a more "professional" like author name and not a username filled with symbols and numbers because that looks awful to be honest.

4- Blurb or Summary: We ask this so we can have a small idea of what your story is about but please do not send us a prologue. We want something short and neat. A small description of your story, picture it like a trailer but written.

5 - Genre/Mood and ColorScheme are three very important things when we are making your cover.  With these 3 we will get a glimpse of what we should go for as for ambience and a general idea of what we are about to do. We gotta start somewhere, right?

6- Last but not least Me and a lot of designers ask for Inspo graphics, why? Because this way if you've lacked to give us enough ideas we will have a source of inspiration to start of. Imagine you have something in mind but you can't put it into words but you've seen a graphic that inspired you for that. Well send it to me because it will be very helpful.

And I think that's all if you want something more in depth go to Taryn's book cause she wrote a  lot more and explained better in her Requester's guide.

Move forward for your requesting form

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