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A/N: so I know that I've described a little here and there about Olsen's appearance, but I'm not doing a face claim for her because I really just want people to imagine her however they want. She doesn't even have to have light brown hair and brown eyes if you don't want her to, but I already have a picture in my head of how I imagine her. Just use your imagination!


This was by far the strangest Thursday night that I've had in a long time, but I was enjoying every second of it.

Harry and I sat in the seats of his car with burgers in one hand, and milkshakes in the other, parked in front of the fast food joint we got our late dinner at. It wasn't a picnic in the sunset or anything, but it was amazing nonetheless. This wasn't a date by any means since we were just now grazing over the concept of a friendship, so I suppose that it didn't have to be anything other than just two adults grabbing dinner on a Thursday night.

"This is good." I commented after taking my second bite. The first bite was the test, and I had to take my time to decide whether or not I liked it before telling Harry how I felt about the place he picked. I didn't really care where we went to get food just as long as it would be filling, and the second I noticed him pulling into a drive thru, I knew that my stomach was in good hands.

Harry agreed, "It is." Then it fell silent, except for the quiet chewing coming from both of our mouths as we unashamedly devoured our food. Once we finished and threw our trash away, Harry handed me some hand sanitzer that he kept inside of his voat pocket and said, "Louis and I used to come here a lot during college."

I smiled a little at the image, "Is Louis the one I met at Eloise's birthday party?" I was pretty positive that it was, but I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

Harry nodded, "Yeah, that was him."

He seemed like a good friend to Harry, and there wasn't a single thing about him that made me believe that he was a mean person. In my book that made him okay with me, but it's not like my opinion really mattered anyway since they were both already good friends.

"Do you two still come here often?" I decided to ask just out of my own curiosity. Harry was out of the house quite often but I knew that it was usually always because of work, and judging by his fit appearance, I'd say that he probably doesn't have time to stop off anywhere for food at a place like this very often.

"Not anymore." He said, "I prefer home cooked food these days."

I felt guilty when he said this because I could have prepared dinner at home if I didn't end up falling asleep on the couch, so I made a face and apologized, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have slept through dinner tonight."

Harry turned to look at me, "You don't have to cook me dinner, especially not when Eloise isn't here."

I nodded, "I know, but I don't mind doing it." In the beginning I really did despise the idea of having to cook, but that was only because I didn't know how to cook a proper meal. It took a lot of trial and error since being employed by Harry, but I eventually started picking up some good tips and techniques the more that I started cooking. I still wasn't a pro chef or anything like that, but the range of what foods that I could cook was much larger now.

"I know you don't."

Harry and I fell silent after that because it just seemed like a dead end conversation, considering he knew that I didn't mind doing things like cleaning and cooking during the day, and I knew that he didn't feel comfortable with that. I pursed my lips before asking him the only question that was roaming my mind at the moment, "Is it about money?" It sounded like a silly question considering how well off Harry seemed to be, but I'm sure that most people in my position would ask for more money if they did everything that I did on a daily basis. The only reason that I didn't ask for more, besides the fact that I was already living there for free and didn't have any other expenses at the moment, was simply because it just felt right to be doing it all.

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