67. Unexpected Guest

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~Day Of Eclipse ~
5 PM
The oddest thing about the Nameless Hunter was his calming yet evil nature. He was like a dark mirror, seeking to destroy what was turtle within. His hatred for us cut deep, it was obvious, but whatever he went through in his youth didn't justify his current actions.

A genocide of the Werewolf Race was erratic and completely dangerous. For he had no empathy, no love or kind spirit to free himself from the chains of anger and hatred.

And the Hunter is somewhat equivalent to the villages with their pitchforks back in olden days, in pursuit of "unfortunate supernatural beings." The irony is that those that claim to be "peace makers" were really the beasts that they claimed to despise.

They were the beasts.  Not us.

And so I laid here, only finding conscious movement in my hands and toes. The Hunter had came in yesterday and changed me. I felt limp. He had placed me over his shoulder and torn the paper dress, placing me in another one. It was very dehumanizing and an invasion of privacy. I just hung there on his shoulder, my body refusing to help me fight against it.

And now, I laid in the same hard bed with the needles attached to my inner elbow region, metaphorically and literally draining all the life out of me.

From where I was laying I could hear the Hunter at work. It was clear that he was using my blood to turn more rouges into those beasts and sending them out.

He was making an army and I just prayed that Cyrus was prepared and safe.

"How long will she stay here?" I could hear a female voice from just outside the door. The door had a small window that was glazed, and I could only see shadows and motions from those figures.

"She'll be out soon. We just need a couple more rouges to heal." A male voice answered and I watched as he raised his hand and placed it towards her head.

Then he suddenly opened the door, and he stepped towards me.


* * *
7 PM Same Day

"Cyrus!" A voice yelled over the sounds of bones snapping. I pushed off the rouge in front of me, standing up straight in the direction of the voice.

Marcus stood with blood smeared on his face and chest.

"They're still coming!  They're growing! Each time I kill one, it's like two just appear." He said in erratic breaths of exhaustion.

"Are the children and women safe?! Amelia and Mrs Macy?!" I asked him quickly and he nodded.

"Your father and Mr Macy have got it covered." He responded. "The rouges haven't gotten that close."

"Okay. Don't lose your focus, Marcus. We won't rest until —" I began but stopped myself when I watch a rouge attack Marcus from behind. I pushed Marcus to the side roughly and gripped the neck of the rouge and held him up above me. He lunged at me with his arms, scratching my cheek in the process. When he finally died, I flung him over to where Marcus was and clapped my hands together.

"Watch your six" I said to him and jogged over the distance, where my men were still fighting off the rouges. It was a bloodbath. Lifeless bodies of my men and the fucking rouges were scattered across my land. Waking without stepping on a body part was impossible at this point.

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