Chapter 42

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Kora's laughed rang out through the beach house as she and Georgia sat in the kitchen.

"Pffft." Georgia spit and smacked her hands on her high chair.

Kora repeated what Georgia did, making the baby giggle.

"Good morning you two." Hailey said walking into the kitchen.

"Morning!" Kora smiled.

"Pfft." Georgia spit and giggled.

"Oh Georgie." Hailey said with a smile. "Where's Keith?"

"Bathroom." Kora simply said and made a face at Georgia.

"I see." Hailey said and placed a hand against her cheek. "Have you eaten yet Kora?"

"Nope!." Kora said as her tummy rumbled. "But I am hungry!"

"I'm feeling pancakes. How about you sweetheart?" Hailey asked getting out the ingredients.

"With chocolate chips?" Kora questioned.

"With Chocolate chips." Hailey confirmed.

"Yay!" Kora said and clapped her hands.

Georgia copied her aunt and did the same.

"I'm back." Keith said walking into the kitchen.

"Daffft!" Georgia screamed and raised her arms.

"Hi baby." Keith cooed and took the girl out of her high chair. "Morning Hailey. What are you making?"

"Morning. And pancakes." Hailey replied as Georgia snuggled into her father.

"With chocolate chips." Kora chimed.

"I see. Well it smells good." Keith smiled.

"Morning you guys." Shiro said walking into the room. "Where's everyone else?"

"Still sleeping." Shay said as she walked into the kitchen. "What's that wonderful smell?"

"Pancakes!" Kora exclaimed. "With chocolate chips!"

"Yummy." Shiro said taking a seat at the table.

"Here you go Kora." Hailey said placing a plate and syrup in front of the girl.

Hailey went back to make the pancakes while everyone else sat in chatted, besides Kora who ate her breakfast and Georgia who was now crawling around the house.

"Keith!" Lance cried. "Come here quick!"

Keith quickly got out of his chair and ran over to the stairs.

"Don't move!" Lance said as Keith was just about to run up the stairs. "Watch her!"

On the stairs, Georgia giggled and moved her leg to the next step.

"Oh my gosh." Keith gasped. "Someone get me a camera!"

Shiro walked over to Keith, holding a camera.

Keith walked up so he was behind Georgia, making sure she wouldn't fall.

Shiro started video taping.

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