Nika and rayray

Nia and roc royal

Stonie and Princeton

Trey - nias big brother

Backgrounds -

Nia- people say that I have issues. But honestly I dont give 2 shits. I simply fuck away all my problems. I come home to my roommates all pissed off and then I go to bed all sexually satisfied like nothing ever happened. And it helps. Very well. But lets keep it 100. , I was Born and raised in new York city by my brother Trey. Yeah my mom was just a weak bitch that left when the going got tough. I was 4 and my brother was 17 selling drugs to raise me up. And I'll never forget that about him. "I love you big bro. Rest in paradise."

Roc's P.O.V - so imma just start out saying I grew up in Philly with my boy prod.. Moved to new york but prod was being all stubborn and refused to come with me. But that was pshhhhhh 4 years ago?

We still hang once a month. sex life. (laughs) I be whoo im a lover but in bed I want a show! You know they saying we all make mistakes? Well in this case my "mistakes " are patterns. I wont lie. I said i dont hit girls but what I should've said was "I dont hit girls unless I gey really pissed" but I havent hit my girl nia yet so im doing good. :D I got girls all over me because im in a mindless boy band. See what I did there? Haha yeah.

Rayray's P.O.V. - yeah I guess you can call me the cool laid back one. But once you get to know me im the biggest Dick in the world!! Pranking mofo's ... Yeah haha one time my boy prince got mad when I put a bald cap on him when he Was sleeping so he woke up and went to the bathroom and he thought I shaved his head bald! This dude was crying like a lil beyotch . Haha priceless though. But yeah im into this Hella fine filly named nika . But her pops got them hands just waiting to strangle me for some apparent reason ._. Yeah... So im starting to be a lil distant with my girl nika because of it..

Nika - me and ray have known each other since the 9th grade. Besyfriends until he asked me to prom.after that "night to remember " it was never the same. I lost my virginity to him that night and we've been fucking ever since. Now at age 23 nothing has changed except the fact we're in a relationship that is based on sex. Which I have no problem with by the way. Until he fucked everything up. Really? Well I can't blame him much I helped but still.

Prince's P.O.V. - im that Princeton. My names Jacob Perez but people call me prince. Because im royalty so yall nigga's better know. I grew up as a straight d's and f's kid until I became a total geek in mindless behavior. Skipping grades because I rock and you dont. my intake of life is weird. Forest Gump (laughs) yeah forest Gump nigga say some! lol but forest Gump says "life is like a box of chocolates , never know what your gunna get" I switched it up a n

Bit....Life is like a bunch of different hoe's , you can fuck them all but will never know what you can get. I think of life as a huge world of different pussy's. What flavor will I like the most? Ion know yet. I have to get inside them to find out. Now my life? ....grew up I guess you can say "inbetween with and without a father figure" so people judge me saying I dont treat my girl stonie right. Well newsflash bruh.. "fuck you" I try to treat her right and be a peace maker. Increase the peace is what I say.

Stonie - I can admit I have a boyfriend who is certainly the biggest sex fan ever. It seems like all he wants is sex. Not me but my body. I often wonder what am I doing and what might happen. I was just this innocent girl and then boom. Im this sex addict right along with him. Its just something that keeps me coming for more.


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