Reacquainted Part 10

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22nd July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

" You have no idea how much I have missed you, my friend." Jane said after we sorted out the business of her wanting, no, she demanded to know why i did not tell her about my marriage failing or the fact that I moved back home again with my girls.

We were both sitting under the shade of a large leafy tree while all the men were handling the kids. They wanted the party, they can deal with the kids. A few of us were sitting here together and just watching all the goings on that was happening.

Jane had come back from being deployed several months ago. Both her and Ben were both soldiers in the US forces. They have served their time and now they had resigned to come home and finish raising their kids. Ben has joined a security firm and Jane just wants to be a stay at home mother for the foreseeable future.

I don't know who was more surprised when both Jane and Ben joined up. But it seemed to work out for them even when they had the kids, the three of them. Their families have been very supportive during this whole time with the life styles that the other couple had chosen.

Anyway, after Jane ripped it into me when she found out that I was now living back int he states, she then wanted to go and rip it into Jarrod for doing what he did. But she calmed down eventually.

" It feels good sitting here with you after all this time." I murmured when we had a quiet moment with each other.

I looked across to the pool when I heard the girls squealing with excitement. I can not help but smile when I see them having fun like they were. They haven't been that happy since their father and I separated. I frowned when I realized that they haven't even spoken to him for more than a couple of months now.

Which, to me, was very sad.

I got distracted when I heard some of the other mothers start to gossip again.

" What is it with these women? Can't they find something better to do than gossip about someone who doesn't need the aggravation that gossiping causes?" I muttered in disgust. It was ridiculous with how much these women talk about something that is not any of their business.

" Who are they gossiping about this time?" I turned my head slowly when silence was the only thing being heard when Jane spoke loud enough that even the men at the pool could hear her.

" I think they are gasbagging about Esme's grandson again. It seems to be the topic of discussion around town at the moment." I said back to her just as loudly.

" What for? The man was innocent. The one who went to jail was the lying bitch who cried rape and blaming him all for a bloody payout." Jane refused to lower her voice. It was like she was making sure that those other ladies were being shown how ridiculous it was talking about a subject that should not even be mentioned.

" It's none of my business anyway. So, I can't tell you why. Ask those ladies there. They seem to know more about it than I do. They haven't shut up about it since we got here." I then said to Jane as I leaned back against the chaise lounge I was sitting on next to Jane who was reclining on it with me.

The men had started to notice that something was happening over here when me and Jane started talking loudly. Loud enough to catch their attention.

" You wouldn't know anything. You hate gossiping. You hate gossipers. So, I doubt that you would know anything anyway." Jane then growled out in the same loud voice she used a moment ago.

Not one word was spoken by any of the ladies who were sitting near us after that. Not, one, word. It was bloody peaceful.

" What's gasbagging? I haven't heard you mention that term before?" Jane suddenly asked me. She spoke so suddenly that it startled me.

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