A Bit Nervous Part 8

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21st July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

I stood there and squinted my eyes at the fool I thought I would eventually grow up to have a life with while munching on a Macadamia nut white chocolate cookie.. or five. That was how many I just sneaked while no one was around to watch me.

If I had one little fettish of sorts, it was the cookies. These particular cookies. Not any other kind.

" Um.. Hello Lila. I um.. I'm, um.." The man looked so nervous that I just kept chewing away as I leaned on the doorway with the beads hanging around me while eating away while raising an eyebrow wondering what he was trying to stammer out.

I knew he would eventually get around to why he was here. I just had to wait for him to spit it out.

" Um, Devon, um.. he wanted to know if your girls wanted to come and join him and his friends for a party he is having?" He eventually got it out.

" What kind of party?" I asked him because I don't let my girls go to just any kind of party that is thrown.

" Since we live out on a farm, the boys don't get to have much association with any of the other kids they know. He and Jake asked me to come and ask you if the girls would like to come. There will be other girls there too. Jane and Ben will be there as well with their three." He added a little fast.

" I haven't seen them for years. But what kind of party is it so I know what they should wear?" I asked him calmly while still chomping on one of these yummy Australian Queensland bush nut cookies. 

I get them imported in bulk so I don't run out and I very rarely share them with anyone, even the girls. They are the one thing about Australian food that I have taken a really nice liking to.

" It's a barbecue pool party. The last one for the year since it will be too cold soon for any kind of party like it. The kids are only allowed to invite two friends each so we keep it under control." He ended up saying with his voice trailing off.

He was once more standing there looking a bit nervous again.

" What time?" I asked him between each bite of my cookie.

I am sure that the girls would like to go. They have not shut up about the two boys they have met that Cole just mentioned for some reason. Every single day when they come home from school they talk about them both. That is also after they started to talk non stop about them from the very first time they met Cole and his boys.

I had begun to wonder since the girls have Joifield blood running through their veins that maybe that soul mate thing that has been mentioned a few times since I went to Australia the first time is what has happened to the girls. I don't know? Maybe it has.

Anyway, after Cole gave me the time to be there on Saturday, I just looked at him while finishing off the rest of my cookies while watching him begin to fidget before he eventually turned and left.

" You can come a little before then if you like?" He asked before he left which had both of my eyebrows running right up into my hair line. I just looked at him not saying anything in response to that and ate my cookie. And watched him leave.

I finished stocking the store within the next hour with only a handful of customers coming in for a variety of things from each of our stock. Then, I closed up since I wanted to be home for when the kids get there. They wanted to start catching the bus home with the other kids. But I think it might be because those two boys of Cole's were on the bus.

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