The Run In Part 6

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20th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

The girls and I have settled back into a good routine which only has the girls calling home to their father and family in Australia once a month now. And even then, the calls are brief and cut off too short. 

From their side, not from ours which has upset the girls greatly. It is from Sonny that we hear the family over there are enjoying the raising of the boy that Jarrod had with Lois, which was in fact her name.

Anyway, life for us has gone along rather smoothly with the girls accepting that their father is not going to be coming over any time soon to visit. Not after the judge made it an order for them to be the ones to actually pay for the tickets and not me like I had been. That way, if they cancelled, it was out of their pocket after this, not mine or my girls like it had been previously.

But the brief calls the girls made were always cut short which made the girls sad... and resentful. They knew that there father was more involved with their biological brother than with them and that is what upset them both. Jarrod's family have no idea what they have lost with the girls. Or with me.

I don't really think that Jarrod's family really knew much about me at all. They just saw me as another yank to come along. Had they known that I do have some financial backing of my own that I inherited from my mothers side of the family, they probably would have welcomed me with more wider welcomed arms than they did.

Again, that was their loss.

It was just after coming back the last time that me and the girls were in town shopping on one of my free days with the shop closed and getting the girls some updated clothing now that the weather was beginning to cool down here now. The trunk of the car was full of what shopping the girls decided on and we were now currently going through the grocery store stocking up for our little cottage that mother built onto the back of the house for us when we turned the corner of the aisle and bumped carts with someone I have not ran into since coming back home until this moment.

" Lil." I looked up to see a dazed look on Cole's face.

" Cole." I responded back to him as I glanced at the boys he had with him who were quietly standing around looking at the both of us. The oldest ones had frowns on their faces which made me see some of their mother's looks in them.

" You're back home again?" He asked me with a nervous twitch. I can see that his eyes were still the same green they were years earlier when I used to enjoy looking into them. Now, he is just another man I have bumped into.

" Yes. We are back permanently. I don't know if we will be staying here or heading over to stay with the girls great grandmother and the family over there. I am still undecided about that." I murmured to him as the girls also stood there quietly as they too were looking at the bigger boys standing around them.

" Um, these are your girls? I heard you had a couple." He was asking a little nervously. I don't know why for.

" Yes. This is Emma and this one is Jennai." I motioned to the girls  who didn't do anything except smile at Cole and the boys with him.

Cole just smiled as he introduced his boys who for the life of me, I can't remember their names.

" I have to finish shopping. It was... nice to see you, Cole." I said to him with a short smile. Before pushing the trolley around them all with a hand moving the girls along as well.

They just waved as we left leaving all seven males behind us to follow us along with their eyes glued to our backs.

We finished our shopping after a leisurely stroll through the store seeing Cole and his boys a couple of more times before we were finished. After shopping, the girls asked if they can have an ice cream cone. Since they have been so well adjusted after everything that has happened lately with our lives being turned upside down, I thought the girls should have this little treat.

We did see Cole and his boys again as we were leaving town.

" Look, Mumma. There is that man again and those boys of his." Emma called out which had me looking up and across the road to where I saw Cole ushering the boys into a van before he came around and climbed into the drivers seat.

One of his boys said something to him which had his head swinging around and looking out the window to where we were sitting in my own car waiting to pull out into traffic. I just gave a slight wave before I ignored him and pulled out, making my way down the street on the way home.

That was not the first time I saw those boys. Or Cole for that matter.

Of course, both Emma and Jennai had to remember the boys names. They were smart little cookies who remember everything. Which can be a good thing sometimes. And, sometimes not so good.

Anyway, the girls had settled well into being here now and understood that it was going to be permanent as well with us not really going back to Australia until their father decides that he wants to have the girls in his life. Which doesn't look like it.

I was in my shop rearranging it when the doorbell rang that told me someone had come through into the shop. I stepped through the beads that hung like a curtain between the front of the shop and the back of the shop where I sometimes worked quietly when no one is around.

" Hello." I asked the unfamiliar older lady who stopped to look around.

" Hello." She quietly responded back to me with a smile as she looked around.

 I patiently waited for her to have a look through everything that was around her. I noticed that she had a cane and was limping. Much like my mother does after her leg was hurt.

" What exactly are these?" She pointed to one of the lip balm carriers that I made. They had a ring on the top so you could loop them with your keys. That way, you always knew where the balm was when you needed it.

" Those are key ring lip balm pouches." I went on to explain what they were along with a few of the other things I have made as well that she didn't know about.

" My daughter used to sew. Unfortunately, she and her husband were killed in a car accident a few years ago. It was horrible." The lady got a sad look on her face when she mentioned her family. I smiled gently to her not saying anything. Some times, just a smile and a listening ear is all that can be needed to offer a small amount of comfort.

" My grandson lives with me. He takes care of us now that we are getting a bit on it in age." She eventually smiled when she mentioned her grandson.

Any child who turns their own lives around to take care of their older ones in the family gets a tick in my book. But I got the feeling that the little older lady was a bit lonely. So, I invited her into the back of the store and made her a cup of tea.

I found that her name was Esme Johnson. The name rang a bell for some reason. But it eluded me so I just brushed it off for the moment. Maybe my mother might know who she is.

Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon tea with Esme and promised to have another one with her sometime soon.

It was a week later when I found out why her name was familiar.

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