part 8

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Shiv.  By the way anika it's been one week but ur husband didn't come to meet u nor he called u once. What happened have u both fighted

Anika.  I think u should keep one thing in ur mind that I'm ur daughter's care taker. Its shouldn't matter to u if my husband call me or meet me. U should just concern about ur work.

Shiv. Anika why r u getting angry i just asked generally.

Ani. Ans I dont like ur so Frank behaviour with me.  I like to be profile and of someone try to interfere in my life then I don't like it.  Did u understand.  I hope u will keep ur ass off from my life. 

Shiv. Ma to ...

Ani. And although I never asked u nor tried to scroll down about ur life. Then why r u being so desperate to knowing mr about my life.  Who r u too me that u r showing me so much right in my life. 

Shiv. Anika I'm ur friend so being a friend i felt bad to seeing ur husband's behaviour towards.u.

Ani.  U was my friend till college when college got finished our friend ship also had been finish. So stop inserting ur fingers in life. I.hope u  understood. Now plz move i have to do alot of work. She scowled and walked off.

Shi. Why she get angry on baseless things. She roared on me like I have hitted her with a big stone.  He shake his head and walked off in deep thoughts.


Next day

Shivaay is walking on road when he bumped with someone.

Shiv. O I'm so sorry he about to help him to pick up his shopping when stopped to seeing person

Shiv. Mr daskh khurana.

Da. Yes but how do u know me

Shi. Ara ur wife work in my house and u dont know me .....strange

Da.  My wife meri shadi kab huvi

Shiv. Excuse me what r u saying. Are not u husband of anika

Da. Anika's husband he said confusedly.

Shiv. Yes anika  Shavi's mother.

Daksh look at shivaay and his expression changed into smile.

Da. O yeah she is my wife  Actually I have alot of pressure of work so its slipped out of my mind

Shiv. Strange but I think being a busy man we shouldn't forget our family.  I was wondering when u didnt contact ur wife or baby in those week. So I asked anika but she just yelled at me and didnt say anything. So i thought u guys would have issues between u.

Daksh. Oh no no i love her alot even she loves me alot. Its just we couldn't get time to catch up with each other.

Shiv. Oh shivaay felt jealousy after listening his confession for anika

Da. What happened mr oberoi.

Shiv. Hu nothing. I was thinking my house is here near the bridge so why u dont come for coffee. By this u can meet ur family also.

Daksh. Why not let's go.

Shivaay smiled at him and both left from there.

At home

Anika heard door bell and she went to open it

Ani. Ji AP kon. Anika spoke with frown to seeing unknown person infront of her.

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