Update: Thanks Everyone

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Sorry this is not a new chapter, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has voted on this story.  :D 

The point of this little update is to tell you guys where this story will be headed. Thanks to all of you telling me in the comments what direction you would prefer for the story to go. I'm going to be writing about y/n and Senku waking up around the same time and what goes on in the 6 months before Taiju wakes up. 

I'm writing the chapter right now and have no idea how long this story will be. Also just a little heads up I'm not sure if this story will be spoiler free or not, if for some reason there is a big spoiler I will put a heads up for you guys.

Thanks for reading it means a lot to me :D

Also I'm sorry I never replied to anyone's comments I read them all and love all of you I just don't know how to respond I'll work on that I promise.

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