Bee Purposeful

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Have you ever sat
In luscious blades of grass
You hear that familiar buzzing sound
About to cross your path

You search your radius
Looking for that bee
A sting you fear it will deliver
Causing great pain, you flee

Funny how nature works
That bee is on the job
It's pollinating flowers tirelessly
It never stops

If we could all pursue
Life with this great passion
What a different world we'd have
More love - less hate -
A better role model for the young
We could all demonstrate

We need mind our own business
Unless it's to lend a helping hand
Spreading vitriol, bigotry and hate
Poisons our very land

So instead of focusing
On differences we may see
Let's find a way to work together
Busy as a bee

When we create something beautiful
Oh what a treasure to behold
It never loses its magic
It never gets tired and old

How you act towards others
For everyone to see
Love or hate you leave behind
For all eternity

I choose love, light and charity
These things I try to set free
I want to fill the world up
I want it to spill over
Into this galaxy

For I truly believe
You get back what you put in
War, hate and persecution
Are our greatest sins

So I leave you this last thought
Something to chew on and to eat
Why not vomit out all of your hate
And replenish it with positivity?

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