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(Question) ❝What is the difference between Autistic people, and normal people?❞


For one. There is no such thing as "normal". I'm not trying to be rude, but, really. There is no such thing as normal.

And, that's okay. Everyone is their one kind of beautiful. ❤

And, there is no such thing as "looking" Autistic. You never know if someone has Autism or not, but surely never go asking people around if they have Autism. It can be hurtful and vulgar.

And especially to myself, if someone randomly asked me, "Hey, you have Autism? I saw you doing some weird stuff." Which, that has happened before. Not fun. I obviously would cry, and did cry. As much as I don't like to admit it, I am very, very sensitive, as I do cry very easily. Even the word "shut up" will get me crying. Since, some of my family members tell me to shut up, I end up crying in the end.

Especially if I am having an emotional outburst, panic attack or meltdown, I am either screamed at, or told to shut up.


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