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She comes banging at my door

without a forward call.

She sweeps across the floor

not bothering to stall.

She wraps her hand around his finger

and weaves a dreadful spell,

leaving me to linger

in this lonesome metal cell.

I watch, helplessly, as he surrenders

to her witty, charming ways,

and hope he'll soon remember

what once brightened up his days.

But, no...

Alas, I lay forgotten,

growing old with time,

my soul becoming rotten,

my heart no longer mine.

She has stolen him from me,

and left me chained up in the dark,

and now I'm just a memory.

But still I wait for that single spark

to flame within his mind

and envelope me in warm embrace,

forever intertwined.

But for now, I'm still replaced.

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