Chapter 17

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Chris's POV

"She doesn't know."

I was brought out of my reverie by Andrew's words.

"What does she not know?" I asked slowly.

"She doesn't know Hunter is my step brother. When Hunter got arrested and was sent to juvie school, I was in California. I returned only last year, and I met her. I didn't know she was the girl Hunter got arrested for. When she narrated her story and mentioned his name, I felt so guilty because I felt I owed it to her. I owed something to her. I wanted to tell her the truth but I didn't know how she was going to react. She needed help at that time, and I was pretty sure I could help her. So I didn't tell her about my relationship with Hunter. If she knew, she would stop coming to me. I can't afford having that because she's still not completely over the situation. It's going to take time. But she's progressing and that's good."

I didn't know what to say. The revelation left me shook to the core. I felt angry with myself. I had promised her I would always protect her no matter what. I failed to do so.

"Aarghh!!" I shouted and got up, sending the chair flying backwards. Andrew's eyes widened but I was not done yet.

I went towards my table and in a swift, everything on it was on the floor. I was out of control. I picked up the chair and smashed it on top of the glass table, successfully breaking it. But my anger didn't subside.

I closed my eyes and taking deep breaths, thought of Jasmine. Her sweet innocent face hovered in my mind. Her hazel eyes which are always filled with so much warmth and kindness, now filled with fear. I growled and opening my eyes, picked up my fallen laptop from the ground and smashed it on the opposite wall.

I was a beast people wouldn't want to deal with right now.


Andrew's voice further angered me and I turned towards him. I picked him by the collar and pushed him into the wall.

"Listen to me Andrew. I don't give a fuck if that scumbag is your brother. If he comes anywhere near her, I'll make it my personal mission to torture him to death. If I ever lay my hands on that fucktard, he's a dead man." I growled in a low dangerous voice.

Andrew looked at me with calm eyes. That angered me more.

"What?!!" I barked.

"Why do you think I'm here dude? I don't want him anywhere near her either. He finished juvie school and his restraining order is lifted. I came here to consult my lawyer to talk about that." He said.

"Who's your lawyer?" I asked.

"Robert O'Malley."

"The case is mine now. Tell Robert you're giving me this case." I told him in a way that leaves no room for argument.

"But-" Andrew stopped once he saw the determination and anger in my eyes.

He sighed. He didn't look too happy but he knew he didn't have any other choice. He nodded his head.

"I'll let Robert know."

"Good." I said and released him.

I went back and picking up the chair sat on it.

"Hunter wasn't the only one though."

I growled. "Who else?"

"His entire group of friends. Especially his girlfriend. She was second in charge after Hunter. Bailey made Jasmine's life hell along with her boyfriend and friends. It was cruel man."

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