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(Question) ❝Are you born with Autism or does it get caused by something?❞


You are born with Autism, it is not a cause. A cause is like a trigger. Being born with something mostly relates to medical.

And also, there is this stupid rumor where some people think that Autism gets caused by vaccinations.

False. Completely and utterly false.

You are BORN with Autism. It is NOT a cause.

When I was little, no one knew what I had. I would flap my hands a lot, I would spin and jump, twirl and giggle, I would not talk at all when I played with my toys, I was not good with socialization or public areas. I would not talk a lot in general. I was very isolated. I had a disconnetion to others, I really didn't want to be touched a lot. I lacked empathy, yes. But, it DOES NOT MEAN that I am nothing more than an empty shell!!

PEOPLE WITH AUTISM HAVE EMPATHY, WE JUST NEED HELP TO CONNECT TO IT! I need help in learning what it means... I need to be given a chance, we all do.

I would have a lot of meltdowns, or emotion outbursts. I didn't talk with people correctly, and my main focus was on animals and science. Just to try and be friends with someone, I would give them my favorite toys or polly pockets. I didn't NECESSARILY have delayed speech, but I did not talk a lot. I was always really repetitive with my actions, with rapid speech, I would fidget a lot, shaking my arms, tapping my head. My speech would be rapid most of the time, sometimes it would slow down.

I remember when I was younger, I mean... sometimes I still do. I used to eat grass, dirt or sand, things that aren't food basically. I still am, but, I'm really sensitive to light and sound, mostly light when I was younger.

I still chew and eat a part of pencils.

Skipping that subject :"')

I never was interested in starting up conversations, they never appealed to me. I just stuck with myself within my head. I remember always obessing over things, as well... that was the worst, and it still is.

I was never fond of eye-contact. I was forced to do that with teachers most of the time, and I would end up crying in the end.

Now... touching. I never really liked to be touched or hugged. And, a lot of people would abuse that. People would push or poke me, repeatedly. Over and over. They wouldn't stop. It made me scream and want to punch them in the face out of pure anger and frustration.


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