Chapter 12: Twelve Hours Until Forever

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[Breaking News:

Supergirl is back and better than ever. So far she has captured the escaped felon James Olsen, took out a White Martian, and stopped a missile from destroying the city. She did all of this today, July 19, 2019. She has returned at the perfect moment and we now know where she went after being left in the dark. Reporter, Kara Danvers, got the exclusive on it last night, "'Cadmus leader, Lillian Luthor, is responsible for it all. She abducted me and and Lena Luthor to hurt us. She did something to me that is unexplainable and I don't know how she did it. We are still looking into it and will let you know soon.' -Supergirl." More on this tonight, but for now this is Michelle Richards on National City News]


Man, I'm on a role! Everything is coming is coming back to me so easily. I have already foiled so many plans and now that I'm back I can finally protect National City. As well as being able to be Supergirl again, I'm getting married today to the love of my life. It is kind of last minute, but I have already waited long enough. We have it all planned out. Kennedy, Gracie, and Jer will pulled in a wagon down the aisle by Alex. She is my Maid of Honor. Jer will be holding a sign saying, "It's about time!" I will walk down the aisle before Lena to the song, Paper Hearts by The Vamps. It's one of the first songs we danced to so it has a special meaning. Then Lena will walk down the aisle to the song, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It's also another song that has special meaning. A little more special than first dance, if you know what I mean. 

Lena and I have planned everything down to the last minute. I have a beautiful strapless white dress that was Eliza's when she married Jeramiah. Lena has a white cold-shoulder dress that highlights every curve to her body. The service will be held at my childhood home. Lena and I agreed that it is the most private place to have it. The wedding is small, close family and friends only. After the wedding the triplets will stay with Alex and Eliza while Lena and I go to our honeymoon in Ireland. She says it is beautiful. I guess I just have to take her word for it. Now all that has to be done is decorating the backyard of the house to Lena's liking. She wants everything to be perfect, and I do too. Yet, she seems to want it a little too perfect, but I know it is just nerves so I need to help calm them. And I only know one way to do that. 

I fly to LCorp and land on the balcony gracefully. I see Lena through the window on the phone. It looks like a serious conversation, but I can't help but listen in on it.

"Listen, I need everything to be ready by the time we get there... No don't tell her it is a surprise... Stop, Okay. Don't worry about stuff over here just worry about what your job is... Yes you will be here in time for it... Yes... Yes... Bye."

That conversation seemed a little weird. Did it have to do with our honeymoon? I don't know anymore.

I walk into her office and see her with her head in her hands. I can hear her heart rate pick up and I can see tears on her desk. She's crying. I run over to her and envelope her in a hug. She is surprised but soon relaxes into my touch. Her heart rate lessens a bit before I pull away and look into her eyes. They are red from crying and her cheeks are tear stained. Her emerald eyes aren't as bright as normal and it saddens me. I give her a comforting smile and she smiles back at me.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask her, hoping she will confide in me.

"It's just that..." Her voice waivers, "I want everything to be perfect for you. Nothing is good enough, so I am trying to improve things to make everything better and--" I cut her off by crashing my lips into hers. 

"I don't need anything special Lena. All I need is you, cause you are perfect to me. All I need is you, the kids, and our friends and family. Nothing else. Everything is perfect," I say fighting back tears, Lena doing the same. I bring her in for another kiss and we hold it for a while until she pulls back,

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