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(Question) ❝Just for lols, what do you think about anti-vaccination parents and their arguments?❞


That is honestly a hard one. Everyone has their own beliefs, but some are not heading towards the correct direction. Sometimes, when parents are within their anti-vaccination beliefs, they also will not believe in hospitals, and doctors themselves. As I can agree how some doctors are just... beyond smart in thinking, I do believe that everyone needs vaccinations. Such as the Hepatitis C shot. I remember getting the Hepatitis shot when there was a recall at Costco for a bag of frozen fruit that both my mom and I ate. The virus was in some of the bags, but my mom wanted to be safe, so we got the vaccine. If her and I did not get vaccinated, we COULD have gotten very sick. I personally think that vaccinations are very important, good for health and outcomes in life incase there is an upcoming, unbearable, unavoidable and dangerous virus. I know, you cannot avoid Ebola or the Black Death(The Black Plague, that was supposed to be killed off with the fire that started in England centuries ago).

Basically, the Black Plague comes from fleas that transfer onto rats. And before, the Black Plague was dangerously airborne. Thank you science and history class, now I obviously know where not to travel. But, I just am afraid to also travel to different areas because of bugs, parasites, viruses, all of that. I would probably use a whole bottle or two of bug spray repellents and a net up and around myself before I end up traveling to another state. A deadly flu? I never had the flu shot, needles cause me to have meltdowns, I freak out and cry. It doesn't matter if it is a butterfly needle, it's the fear that kills me on the inside. But, fear keeps you going and alive, I learned that from The Good Dinosaur. Don't judge me.

Anyways! Not EVERYTHING has a vaccination. But, to keep yourself from getting sick, getting your vaccinations. Oh, and also, if you don't get the measles or chicken pox shot, and if you have those two as an adult, the measles and chicken are a lot worse for adults. A lot worse.

And oh, I know. I need my vaccinations, since I only have had three vaccinations throughout my whole life, but, don't judge me. I have needle fear.


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