Time & Patience

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Possibly the last chapter is one that means the most. Putting together everything talked about throughout this work is not enough to produce instant fame. In many cases, you don't have control over how much word gets out about you. Invisible channels have almost no option for writer control, relying on readers to convey the word through their own actions.

Due to the nature of Wattpad and these different ways of spreading information about your books, you must allow for time and have a lot of patience. It is extremely rare to generate instant popularity, and while much of writing is a matter of luck, the longer your work is up, the more chances you get. By pulling a work down early due to a lack of reads or votes, you miss out; keep writing, be active wherever you can, and wait for Wattematics to take place. Remember, reads can never go down.

While you wait, here are some things to keep in mind:

1) Don't barter for reads/votes. You should never be striking up deals in order to gain reads. This works either for readers or with other writers. Exchanges are completely unmoderated on Wattpad, and any deal you enter into is something you and another user arranged, and so if someone doesn't hold up their end, that's just a problem contained within that deal. Wattpad cannot moderate every user to make sure they traded reads one for one. Additionally, reads aren't tracked by users publicly so you have no way of verifying whether your work was read or not. As for bartering with readers, this generally upsets most of them and can often lose readers. They don't want a story to be held hostage from them, and they can't do anything more than you can to get you more reads, because they cannot control invisible channels either. Keep those things in mind.

2) Always stay active. Silently waiting for reads to pile up does very little to help you. Once you have a large amount of reads, yes the ball keeps rolling itself somewhat, but until then you will always need to make sure you have a foot in the door of the Wattpad community. Remember to always engage in comment discussions on your work and others while maintaining a presence in the clubs, if you have access to them. Just reading, voting, and adding stories to your reading lists makes you moderately active!

3) The more you write, the more attractive each other story looks. Having one book sitting on a profile looks nice. Having 3 books looks nicer. 5? Still looks great. There is no downside to writing multiple stories and writing a new story should not be dependent on the success of the first work. Those visiting your profile who enjoy one of your works, will be more inclined to read more of your stories. If you don't supply them with these potential stories, you're missing out.

4) Finish what you started. A finished book looks much better than an incomplete one. Again, this ties in to the nature of Wattpad. Because we can post as we create and can read a story before it is finished, it is easy to move from one work to the next and forget to finish one. A completed book will always look more appealing to a reader than an incomplete one. While readers on Wattpad are special in that they will happily read along as you write, a lot of them at least want something with substance. Compare it to when you go to a bookstore. People buy finished books, not manuscripts. They want to know it has an ending because, on Wattpad, many books are started and never touched again. The last thing a reader wants is to start a series, only to find out it hasn't been updated in a year after ten chapters and isn't going anywhere. This would be like starting season one of a new TV show, only to find out it was cancelled two years ago. Due to this fear, readers want a safer pick in a longer work. While you wait for reads to come in, write more!

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