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*this is set a couple of hours before Harley went shopping*

*have to keep my PG-13 rating so sorry for censored words and lame words and whatnot*


I swiftly brought my stiff knuckles and forcefully knocked on the criminal's door. I had a scowl on my face as I grasped my black, buttoned shirt and tucked it more into my work pants. I tightened my dark blue tie and wore my badge with dignity. I noticed a feminine figure evolve on the other side of the glass door, and I placed my hands on my hips in disappointment.

The woman opened the door with surprised eyes. Her straight, dirty blonde hair was in a high ponytail. "U-Uh, can I help you, officer?"

I bit my lip and intensified my stare. "Are you Ms Johanna Price?"

"Y-Yes." She stammered.

I exhaled sharply, not cracking any emotion as I rested my both hands to linger across my belt. I took in a deep, rigid breath as I nervously grazed my index finger around the buckle.

"I've received a complaint, do you know why?" I hoarsely murmured in a bitter tone, but she detected dry sarcasm.

Her eager eyes travelled down to my long fingers which crept along my black belt. Her small chest began rising. "No."

I teasingly unbuckled my siren which lured her into me, and she froze. "You've been a bad girl."

I stepped in uninvited and a sly smirk suddenly formed on her gentle face. Her house was perfectly cliche. Welcoming fireplace, photo frames of her children which I hoped weren't here, dog toys on the floor which were chewed to pieces.

"I have to inspect your bedroom for further investigation-"

"No," She pressed her small, bony hand to my chest. "Kitchen."

I flashed her a weak, false smile before scowling afterwards. I sauntered into the kitchen behind her small arse, feeling forced as she dragged me into the counter. She swiftly came to a stop, glancing down at herself.

"Let me change into something a little more sexy."

"No, please don't. Let's just cut to the chase." I snarled.

"I'll be five minutes." She shushed and hurried out.

I rolled my tired eyes and rested myself into her dark, marble counter. This was taking the piss, she looked fine. I wish she answered the door naked so we could get this over with.

I made this wait worth it and opened her fridge door, looking for something exciting. I found natural Greek yoghurt, cheese strings, some packaged meat and green apples. Harley likes her apples in the fridge too, the stalking freak. I can't get over how she found my number, I just had to be more careful. But at the end of the day, a customer is a customer. If she calls again, I'll keep her on the line as long as possible if it meant getting my one fifty a minute.

I began eating an apple, waiting a lot more than five minutes as I was planning on making a run for it. It was seven minutes later when she arrived, looking rather risqué in a red lace lingerie. I awkwardly stood in front of her, attempting to look somewhat awestruck.

"This cost me sixty pounds." She whispered daringly.

"It's expensive to look cheap, love." I reminded and took a courageous step forward.

She swallowed hard and tensed, crossing her arms as she gawked me up and down. "Do call boys come with a mute button?"

I grinned to myself at her attempted sass and stepped inches away in front of her standing there so simplistically. My firm hand slowly raised to gently caress her strong jaw, my own smirk appearing.

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