Chapter 40

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Heading Home

Tiger was pacing as he checked the time on his watch before looking towards the doors as they opened and everyone walked in with their bags either at their sides or on their backs.

"What took you so long?" Tiger asked as he watched them, frowning.

"We weren't sure where we were going so we had to find a variety of clothes" Mirajane explained as she set her bag down.

"I see, so then you have everything you need?" he asked then and they all nodded.

"Then let's go, we've wasted enough time as it is..."

The celestial spirits then got up and headed out the back door of the guild, curious, the others followed and walked to the edge of the cliff as Tiger turned to look at them all before walking further to the edge with the other spirits, they all put their hands out and a large ship appeared in front of them.

They all looked back to see Natsu had gone very pale and was quivering, much to everyone's amusement.

"Isn't there another way?" he asked, looking like he was already going to be sick.

"Unless you can sprout wings and fly, then no, there isn't" Tiger responded with a frown.

"Happy..." Natsu whined as he walked on board.

They nodded and soon everyone was on board and Tiger was at the helm, he flicked a switch and lights began appearing around the edges of the ship as it began to vibrate before it began to float as the vibrating soon stopped and they were flying.

"Before heading home, there's one more person we need to pick up before we leave Fiore then we have to visit a few more people and pick them up too" Tiger spoke as they began heading for the outskirts of Magnolia.

Makarov looked towards him curiously as they came to a sudden stop over some trees, Draco walked to the edge and jumped down amongst the trees, while he was gone, Tiger walked to Natsu and quickly made him swallow a tablet with a glass of water.

"What the hell was that for?" Natsu yelled at him.

"I don't need you vomiting on the ship and if you do, I'll make you clean it up" Tiger responded before walking back to the helm as Draco came back on board with Porlyusica.

She looked towards the surprised mages before heading for a room which Draco led her too for her to rest while they travelled.

"Why's Porlyusica coming too?" Erza asked, confused.

"She needs to make a home delivery" Tiger responded before steering towards the direction of Hargeon.

"It's going to take us a while to get there so I recommend you go and rest, probably get something to eat"

"How long exactly?" Freed asked, staring up at the man whom was taller than Laxus.

"A couple hours, if we're lucky" he spoke, concentrating on steering the ship as it flew through the sky pretty fast.

Time went by and they were nearing the line where they would cross into the waters surrounding Japan, the mages watched as Tatsui, Phoenix and Draco stood by the front of the ship, they we're guiding Tiger as he steered past large jagged rocks as the wind picked up around them, pushing them faster as Tiger flicked another switch before they flew higher above the ocean.

Not long after they could see land ahead and Tiger felt his cell phone vibrate with a notification as he steered the ship, they were still moving fast through the air and they passed by an airplane which caught the mages attention.

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