66. Slathering Saliva, Skylark's Worry

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'Where is Tsuna's animal partner? I know it's not Nezumi since he's been the sky acrobaleno long before he met her... Even Luce had Cosmo...'

The thought concerned him, the acrobaleno's animal partners helped them regulate their mass amount of flames. It made him wonder what was helping Tsuna keep his own in check.


"Breathe baby carnivore... Just breathe..." The skylark's voice was unusually soft as he gently rubbed the fluffy teen's back, steel eyes narrowing in concern at how easily bones were felt.

'The baby carnivore need more meat on his bones'

Tsuna gave a shuddering gasp as he lurched forwards to expel more blood into the toilet. He leaned back into his cloud's arms once finished, his whole body trembling from the effort.

"Kyoya..." Pained tears prickled in the corner of half lidded orange eyes.

"Rest" Kyoya breathed, wiping away the blood trails from his sky's mouth while his other hand rested on Tsuna's wrist pulse point. The pulse was beating almost impossibly fast, in contrast to Tsuna's blood loss.

'Baby carnivore will regain strength'

The brunette opened his mouth to reply, only for orange to suddenly melt into honey and traces of mist flames to surround him momentarily.

'Useless fruit should fix the problem, not make baby carnivore faint'

The skylark glared at the scar on the brunette's wrist before scooping him up into his arms, highly annoyed with the close connection his sky shared with the obnoxious fruit.


"Reborn-san, where is Tsuna-Sama?" Hayato inquired softly, the fluffy teen had once again missed school. It secretly made the bomber wonder how his sky had managed to not get in trouble nor expelled for his constant absences. He had a feeling that the demonic perfect had something to do with it.

'I miss Tsuna-Sama... The baseball freak keeps following me around and it's easier to ignore when Tsuna-Sama is around...'

"I have no idea, Lazy-Tsuna will show up eventually" Reborn replied, shadowing his face with his fedora when an idea suddenly struck hm.

"Tsuna has always been a sneaky little guy" Takeshi agreed with a grin. "It would be weird if we always knew where he was'

The bomber shot Takeshi a sharp glare, not agreeing with his words. "Shut up you idiot! It's important to know where Tsuna-Sama is if we are to keep him safe!" He hissed, knowing that many mafia bosses had met their end due to the negligence of those around them. Tsuna was to be the best sky in existence.

'Even if he doesn't want to be the boss, people will still go after him due to the purity of his flames!'

Takeshi blinked, then let out a short laugh as he ruffled Hayato's hair. The bomber let out a cat-like hiss, recoiling as if he'd been burned. "But Tsuna wouldn't be Tsuna if he was always around!"

"Don't fucking touch me!" The bomber snarled, instantly pulling out a few sticks of dynamite, ready to light them.

"Oi, since Lazy-Tsuna isn't around and I can't work with Baka-Ie, I've decided to train you guys a bit" Reborn stated, immediately pulling their argument to a close, Hayato immediately put away his dynamite, green eyes gleaming with excitement.

"I'd love to be trained by you Reborn-San!" Hayato gushed, ecstatic to be trained by one of the very best.

Me: Would you guys use magical spit if it meant that you'd heal quicker? Personally Berry wouldn't... Berry doesn't even share food or drinks with people...

Though she does occasionally eat certain floor foods depending on the floor's state and food type....

Though she does occasionally eat certain floor foods depending on the floor's state and food type

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Zutto was squinting at me happily as I wrote this chapter~ It's good writing encouragent~

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