Eighteen : Spoken In Words Of Tongue [Part One]

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Chapter Eighteen : Spoken In Words Of Tongue - Part One

I could barely breathe.

My mind couldn't function at this new process.

I stood there in horror watching Tyler scream in agony.The noise was loud and excruciating . His veins were more prominent and popped out more due to the physical pain he was feeling.

I watched how his body's shape was changing. It grew in length and shifted so it could be supported else where. Extra hair appeared onto his skin as he got more hairy.

I stepped back not being able to scream.

I've read about this before.

His teeth grew bigger as saliva drooled slightly from the corner of his mouth. His skull and nose morphed into animalistic features.His clothes ripped to oblivion. He got twice as big as he was before.

I could barely calm myself down.

My heart was beating so hard I thought I was going through a panic attack.

I should of listened to him, I should of left. I should of never of left to go find Zayn,

Because now I was finding out who he was.

Who they really are

That was their secret.

They were monsters.

Tyler growled loudly not recognising me. As his eyes flickered from brown to yellow, I stepped back in fear. He staggered towards me, showing his sharp teeth.

"T-Tyler... it's me " I stammered but he just growled coming towards me. I had no choice but to run. I could hear his roar while he chased me. Enjoying the case.

He was predator and I was the prey.

One of us was going to killed.

Tears brimmed my eyes, trying to find ways to make him lost but I could always hear him coming closer and closer.

I dodged one of his powerful leaps as he jumped into mid air. When he reached the ground it shook.

Trying my best I foolishly tried to out run him but he was much more faster. I felt his paws thowing me like I was a light feather.

My head collided into the ground, the grass not saving my fall at all. I tumbled over and hit my face at the process . My skin felt wet and skidded and my nose was bleeding controllably.

"No..." I whimpered seeing him in the distance "No no no !"

His yellow flashlight eyes spotted me but moved slowly.

My breath hitched causing me to make a wheezy sound. I moved back slowly but there was no point.

He was going to kill me.

My tears couldn't stop as I shouted out for help.

"Somebody help me ! P-Please- Help me" I blubbered loudly as Tyler came fourth.

and then I heard a voice.

Zayn ?

"Skylar !"

Could it really be him ?

"Skylar ?! Where are you ? Skylar !"

"Zayn ! " I tried to scream but it was muffled when Tyler's paws stopped me from breathing. I gripped onto brittled dried grass , gasping for air. Tyler just grunted as his force was much powerful.

In my mind I screamed for Zayn I shouted so loudly to help me as my vision blurred.

As the my breathing slowed and my heart was pumping painfully slow the large weight was toppled off of me.

I saw two figures, it was Mimi and I didn't know the other one.

Mimi looked at me shouting my name. Shock and fear were in her eyes, her voice was slowed and slurred. I couldn't respond because my voice was gone and I felt as if i was going to pass out.

I blinked tiredly , Thinking I was going to die at the time.

Behind her I saw the second figure but I didn't know wheter it was Zayn or Avan because it quickly changed and fought Tyler.

My attention was now to Mimi as she cried helplessly, shouting and shaking me but my body was weak . It was like everything was shutting down.

The last thing I saw was Mimi wailing hard and then I blacked out.


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