First Day Out In The Desert

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Skylar's POV

I wake up to banging on my door, I look at the time and it looks like we should be going. I get up and open the door, hiding my yawn as the door reveals the Captain.

"No need to hide your yawn." He rolls his eyes. "Now come on! You better hurry up, the helicopter is here and your gear is ready."

"Okay." I nod, closing the door.

I quickly go around, take a quick shower and then putting on my camoflauge outfit with my boots. I put the picture of Laura and everyone else in the pocket of my shirt. I walk outside of my room, looking back and sighing. I close the door and walk towards where the Captain usually meets us. I see everyone wearing their camouflage gear and talking amongst themselves, I nod. I go over to the Captain.

"You guys will be assigned to take hostages out of there." He says. "They all speak German, so I hope someone on your team does."

"Okay." I nod, he pulls his hand out and I shake it. "See you on the other side." He nods and walks away.

I walk over to the group and talk to them while they put on their gear and bags. 

"Alright everyone!" I say, getting their attention. "I know we didn't do any group activities for group... what's the word... um... respect and trust." 

"Don't worry Ma'am!" Says Brad. "We'll be the best group out there!"

"You better be." I nod. "Anyways, the bags that are being put on you right now contain rations, pens and paper for writing back home or to whomever, and water. I don't want ANYONE to lose OR to waste any of that, we can't get them just like that." 

"YES MA'AM!" They all salute, I nod.

"The grenades are used only if I tell you to or if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary!" I say.

"YES MA'AM!" They say again.

"Lastly, you may ONLY FIRE when I tell you to." I say. "AND YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO FOLLOW WHATEVER I SAY."  

"YES MA'AM!" They salute.

"Now get on the chopper." I say, they all nod and climb aboard, I climb on last. 

"Are you okay?" Asks Alyssa. "You stuttered a bit in the beginning, you never stutter."

"I'll be alright." I say, as the chopper lifts off. 

The flight feels like a couple of minutes, we land and I hop off first. Everyone else hopping off at once, we walk away from the chopper as it lifts off. I look around and all I see is sand, going for what looks like miles and miles.  We stop walking and look at my map. 

"So, where do we go first?" Asks Brad.

"That's the first base that hostages are being taken in." I say, pointing to a little black square on the map that is almost at the centre of the map. "And we, are here." I point at the corner of the map. 

"So, estimating, how long will it take us to get there?" Asks  Fallon.

"Hmm." I think. "About a day." I say and everyone groans. "Come on children, let's go." 

We start walking, and walking, until it gets night time. We all stop and sit down, pulling out rations and food from our backpacks. We start eating. 

"Are we sleeping..?" Asks Brad. "Or are we gonna continue walking?"

"I'll let you all sleep for about three hours." I say. "Then, we are back to walking."

"Aren't you gonna sleep?" Asks Alyssa. 

"No, I'll be fine." I say, getting up and stretching. "Now, hurry and start sleeping." 

"Okay." They all say, Alyssa looks over at me with a bit of worry in her eyes, I shrug it off. 

They finish up eating and put the rest in their bags, they then lie down and start drifting off to sleep. While I, start writing.

Dear Laura, 

We landed at the desert just now, and I'm letting everyone sleep. We are going to the first base to rescue the hostages, in total we have six bases to go through. And the faster I get through them, the faster I come back to you. Yeah, that's right, the Captain and I made a deal that when we finish with this mission I will get to go home early. 

Anyway, I hope you know that I love you. And miss you very much so, it doesn't feel good not being beside you. But, at least I have you in my pocket, as a picture. 

How's my sister? What is she like? And how's the hospital? 

Well, I will see you soon love. 

From, Y/N

"What are you doing?" Asks Alyssa, sitting beside me. 

"Writing a letter." I say, putting the letter away. 

"Do you want me to watch?" She asks. "You should get some sleep." 

"It's okay, I'll be fine." I smile. 

"Are you sure?" She asks. 

"Yeah." I nod.

I look up at the stars. Is everyone else back home looking at them too? Are they thinking of me? Or do they have an emergency at the hospital?

"You miss them, don't you?" She asks, also looking up. 

"Yeah." I sigh, still looking up. "I wanna tell you something, but I don't want you telling anyone else, I'll tell them tomorrow myself." 

"Alright." She says, looking at me. 

"The Captain said we can all go back home when we finish the mission." I say, I see her face come from confusion to happiness and to confusion again. "I didn't tell you guys earlier because I didn't want you all to get more cocky or to rush anything." 

"Well it's okay." She smiles, the smile fades away as she looks down, then she looks up at me again, but this time with sadness and worry in her eyes. "I have to tell you something too..." 

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