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Annabelles PoV

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to" Jax whispered soothingly to me as he stroked my cheekbone with his thumb. "We can just turn around and forget all about this".

I could tell he was worried about me, worried about my mental state, but I needed to do this. I needed to get that photo and to get some closure.

I didn't blame him for worrying, this place had been the setting of my pain and misery for so long.

With one last breath I turned to face the front door, a door I had scrubbed clean many a time and rang the doorbell.

I was nervous as hell, it had been over a year since I had last been here but the same feelings of low self worth suddenly slammed me. I started to hyperventilate as I heard the shouting from inside, arguing about who was going to get the door.

All of a sudden a sense of calm and determination came over me and I smiled. I was a different person than I was a year ago; I now had a husband who loved me, a family who supported me and a wolf who would look after me and give me strength when I didn't have any.

I sent a thank you through to my wolf for calming me down as I took Jax's hand in mine for support. I could do this.

I held my breath as I heard the door unlock and squeezed Jax's hand tighter as I came face to face with Damon.

At first we just stared at each other in silence, not really knowing what to do but then Damon seemed to get over his sudden shock with my appearance as his usual cocky smirk appeared on his face.

"Well look who it is, little Annabitch".

I froze for a second, having a sudden flash back to the pain I felt every time he called me that but instantly relaxed as I heard Jax's quiet growl behind me. I wasn't alone, I'm not the same person and I can do this.

Damon paled slightly at the sight of Jax but quickly tried to cover it with a fake smirk. "Who's your friend?"

"This is my husband Jax" I said as I looked up at him to make sure he was controlled. He had a slight golden swirl in his eye but other then that he was okay.

"Your husband?" Damon exclaimed as he took in all of 6'5 feet of Jax. "You sure do work fast little Annabitch don't you".

Jax growled, unable to control his anger at the name I was repeatedly being called by Damon. "I'd be more careful with your words if I were you" he growled and took a threatening step towards Damon.

Damon paled further, if that was even possible, as he shrunk back slightly at the size of Jax, no longer even trying to plaster his fake sneer across his face.

"Who's at the door Damon? If there trying to sell something tell them we don't want it!" I heard Peter yell from inside.

I wasn't alone, I'm not the same person and I can do this. I repeated the mantra in my head.

""Come see for yourself father" Damon replied as he looked over his shoulder, no doubt looking for his dad for help.

"What could possibly be so important that you had to drag me fro-".

I looked up into the eyes of the man that caused me so much pain for so long as he stared back at me in shock. I was surprised to find that I wasn't afraid anymore, of him or of his family. I wasn't alone. I wasn't the same person. That thought brought me more comfort than anything my wolf could do for me and I held my head high as I stared Peter down.

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