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November 2.......

Me- Hey what's up?

Haley- Nothing much, How bout you

Me- Good. Did you hear about Josh and Megan?

Haley- No, what happened?

Me- They got caught by the teacher skipping class together!

Haley- OMG! That gets me wondering.

Me- Yea me too.

Haley- Do you think..............

Me- NO!, they couldn't!

Haley- You never know.

Me- that's so grouse!

Haley- Yea, I know right!

Olivia- Hey, August what's up?

Me- Nothing much what about you? - Olivia

Olivia- Nothing did you here about "the bed wetter"?

Haley- Yea I know.

Me- No! Who's the bed wetter!?!?!?!-Olivia

Me- So do you think they're going out?-Haley

Olivia- MU!!!!

Haley- Yea! It's so grouse!

Me- OMG!! ;) Who would go out with Josh!?!?!?!?!-Haley

Me- OMG!! I can't believe she wets her bed!- Olivia

Olivia- Yea I know! When you were at home yesterday, the "bed wetter got in trouble!"

Haley- I don't know apparently Meagan likes him!

Me- OMG! What did she do?-Olivia

Me-Yea I need to talk to her.-Haley

Olivia- She was making faces at john.

Haley-Yea you do. Well remember the guy I went out with?

Me-Well he deserved it. Lol -Olivia

Me- Yea, why?-Haley

Olivia- Yea he does but while the "bed wetter" was getting in trouble, I was secretly laughing! I think she might have seen. Did you know she's dating B.C?

Haley- well were going back out!

Me- you are!?!?!- Haley

Me- Yea he likes me!- Olivia

Olivia- You should tell her that and see what she says.

Haley- Yea!  I can't believe it!

Me-Yea I don't know wouldn't that be mean?-Olivia

Me- Yea he's like the most popular guy at school!- Haley

Haley- I know! OMG! I can't wait for school tomorrow!


Me- lol Haley- Haley

Me- Yea but, I don't want to be known as the bad person.- Olivia

Haley- Yea. Well I got to go. BYE!

Me- Bye!- Haley

Olivia- You wouldn't it's the truth and you can't hide from her.

Me- Yea that's true- Olivia

Olivia- Yea, hey, um, do you know the answer to # 5 math homework?